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Relationship Between Life Events,Resilience And Psychological Coherence In Armed Police Soldiers And Their Qroup Intervention Research

Posted on:2019-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330548464327Subject:Applied Psychology
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The purpose of this study is to understand the situation of the armed police officers and soldiers' life events,mental resilience and psychological consistency in the ranks,the place of military origin and the degree of education,to explore the relationship between the three,and to explore the intermediary role of the psychological resilience of the armed police officers and soldiers in the life events and psychological congruence,and to explore the way of improving the psychology of the psychological guidance of the armed groups.Elasticity,and then improve the psychological sense of consistency.Methods: first of all,by using the armed police officers and soldiers as subjects,by using the psychological consistency scale(SOC-13),the military life events scale and the Chinese version of the Mental Resilience Scale(CD-RISC),the present situation of the life events,mental resilience and psychological consistency of 309 armed police officers and soldiers on demographic variables was analyzed.Secondly,we use hypothesis test,correlation analysis and regression analysis to explore the relationship between the three and the mediating effect of resilience on life events and psychological coherence.Thirdly,16 officers and men with relatively low resilience were selected to make up the experimental group and the control group 15.The experimental group received 6 group counseling on improving mental resilience.After the end and the end of the 30 day,the mental resilience and psychological consistency of the two groups were measured again.The results of the study show that(1)the total amount of positive life events in the life events of the armed police officers and soldiers is significantly different in the origin and education level;the psychological elasticity and its three dimensions(optimism,tenacity,strength)are significant differences between the only child,the educational level and the different marital status,and the psychological consistency and its three dimensions.There is a significant difference in the degree of comprehending,controllability,and sense of meaning in the different sources and whether the only child is.(2)there was a significant negative correlation between the total amount of negative life events and mental resilience and psychological consistency;the total amount of positive life events was significantly correlated with mental resilience,and there was no significant correlation with psychologicalconsistency,and there was a significant positive correlation between mental resilience and psychological consistency.(3)resilience plays a mediating role in two dimensions of life events(total amount of life events and total negative life events)and psychological coherence.(4)After the intervention,the resilience level of the experimental group was significantly improved,and the level of psychological congruence was significantly increased,while the control group did not change significantly.In this study,group intervention based on the relationship between the three variables,group psychological intervention can significantly improve the psychological resilience of armed police officers and soldiers,and then improve the sense of psychological consistency.
Keywords/Search Tags:armed police officers and soldiers, life events, resilience, psychological coherence, group psychological counseling
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