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Changes Of Immigrants' Livelihood Activities Between Different Resettlement Modes Of The Nuozhadu Reservoir

Posted on:2019-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548475613Subject:Environmental Engineering
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Hydropower construction lead to a mass of involuntary resettlements.The livelihoods of involuntary resettlements have been widely concerned.The Nuozhadu Hydropower Station has a large number of project resettlement.Most of the immigrants depended on agriculture whose original livelihood is vulnerability at some extent.It is possible that the resettlement would make their livelihoods more vulnerable.Based on the questionnaire on the immigrants' livelihoods in 2015,according to the distance from the original residences,in the paper,three modes of resettlements are: resettlement at local and latter,resettlement at a short distance,resettlement at a far distance.Use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze the changes of the livelihoods' capitals and the activities of the immigrants between before and after resettlement,in order to find the better modes among them for the immigrants' livelihood recovery.It can be useful to understand better the immigrants living situation after resettlement,the rehabilitation and development of the livelihoods,to improve the resettlement policies and measures in China.Based on the calculations of the immigrants' livelihood capitals,the analysis of the livelihoods' activities before and after resettlement among different resettlement modes,major results are as following:(1)Nature capital loss heavily,human capital and social capital change a little,physical capital and financial capital increase;there are some differences among the modes;(2)Resettlement at local and latter: human capital and natural capital are the lowest among the modes;agricultural production is still major livelihood activities,and did not change a lot after relocation;(3)Resettlement at a short distance: financial capital and physical capital are the lowest in the three models,and social capital reduced slightly;livelihoods' activities include not only agricultural cultivation,but also non-agricultural activities such as the private economy and doing work for others;(4)Resettlement at a far distance: human capital and financial capital are the highest among the modes,social capital reduced slightly;households' income is mainly from doing work for others and breeding,and the income from cash crops increased; livelihood development has obviously differences between the immigrants' families;(5)Resettlement at a short distance is beneficial to the stable development of the immigrants.
Keywords/Search Tags:immigrant livelihoods, livelihood capital, livelihood activities, resettlement mode
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