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On The Utilization Of Archives Under Archives Law

Posted on:2019-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330548968908Subject:Archival science
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New China's first administrative law and regulation of the preservation and utilization of national archives——?ArchivesLaw of the People's Republic of China?endorsed on September 5,1987,the sixth session of the standing committee of the National People's Congress by the 22 nd meeting,the current ?Archives Law?amendedonthe eighth National People's Congress on July 5,1996,at the meeting of the standing committee.Among them,the second paragraph of article 19 is amended as: "Archives repositories shall regularly publish catalogues of open archives,and create conditions for the use of archives,simplify procedures and provide convenience." After this revision,the archives law has preliminarily embodied the idea of people-oriented administrative rule by law.Up to now,It has been more than 20 years since the first revision of the archives law.From 1996 to 2016,the use of archives and management rules in specific practice have been unable to fully adapt to the impact of social economy and even environmental change.Especially with the implementation of the government information disclosure regulations,has been replacedthe original administrative to take the rights to standard.And the construction of information publicity system has been incorporated into the system of government affairs programme,in order to establish the overall deployment of the mechanism of anti-corruption."It is helping to conduct the achievement of the Constitution's view: “the the rights of people,in accordance with the law,manage country affairs,manage economic and cultural affairs and manage the social affairs through various means and forms”.In this background,the revision of the archives law should also be adapted to "protect the citizens' right to know,participation,expression and supervision".On May 25,2016,the National Archives Bureau released a draft amendment to the "the archives law of the People's Republic of China"(reviewing draft).This draft has added the words such as "service","legal right of use of archives" and so on,in order to guiding policies and the use of some specific requirements.On November 6,2016,the 24 th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress examined and passed 12 laws amendment,including " archives law ".The reasonof amending them that the Department of the administrative improve the efficiency of administrative examination and approval.But it did not entangle the clause of opening and utilizing.This article provides opinions about the clause of opening and utilizing in modifying Archives law.
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