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A Study On The Open Use Of Archives Under The Background Of Government Information Publicity ——Taking Suining Archives As An Example

Posted on:2021-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C YaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306506457674Subject:Archiving and Museum
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With the advent of the era of big data,especially after the concept of government information disclosure was put forward,the demand of the public for archival information is gradually increasing,and the attention of all sectors of the society to the archival cause is also deepening.As the main Department of government information management,archives at all levels bear an unprecedented burden.Based on the interpretation of related concepts,This paper applies four theories,closely combines with the actual situation of Suining's archives work,through the form of questionnaire survey and interview,to deeply study and evaluate the current situation of the open use of Suining's archives,and on this basis,specifically analyzes the existing problems and impacts of Suining's archives open use work,Combined with the main practices and experiences at home and abroad,this paper further puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to promote the development of archives opening and utilization.The main conclusions of the study are as follows: in recent years,Suining's Archives has made some achievements in opening and utilization,but under the background of government information publicity,there are still some problems,such as single type of opening,limited content of opening,lack of open digital archives,backward open appraisal,and inadequate publicity.Through analysis,the main reasons are: the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect,the work of file confidentiality and opening is difficult to balance,human and financial resources are restricted.Therefore,we should improve the rules and regulations related to archives,especially in the aspect of open utilization,strengthen the implementation of government archives work,and attach importance to the promotion of social service of government archives,so as to meet the social needs of Suining City's archives open utilization work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government information disclosure, Archives opening, vitalization of archive
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