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The Study On The Citizen Participation In The Standardization Of Public Service Reform

Posted on:2019-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P PangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548976171Subject:Marxist theory
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Fairness and justice are the core values of socialist criticism which beyond the capitalism demands.The 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasizes that people's democracy is the life of socialism,while the depth,breadth and effectiveness of citizen's political participation are important standards to evaluate the degree of development of socialist democratic political.Entering the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,citizens' participation in the provision of government public services has become a new topic of academic concern.Among them,the study of relatively weak citizens' participation in the standardization of public services has important theoretical and practical significance.Therefore,guided by Marxism theory and the theory of public management and governance,combing case data and using comparative analysis,this paper discusses the difficulties,causes and improvement strategies of the reform of citizen participation in the standardization of public service.The standardization of public service is a way of introducing “standard” as a management mode into the field of public service,through which the establishment of the management standards for specific issues of public services and conduct supervision and inspection to achieve the target of the service quality,standardization of the service methods and programmed of the service process.Thus obtaining the best order and social benefit in the scope of public service.Civic participation in the process is the directly absorption of interested individuals or groups into the policy process which setting standards for public services and promoting standardized reforms,and to some extent,enabling government's public services can meet the public demand and achieve the consistent supply and demand.Although citizens' participation in standardization reform has been supported by some existing theories.However,there're still many problems exposed in practice.For example:The decrease in citizens' trust in the government due to the random selection of citizens' representatives;The blind participation of the citizen representatives which restricted by its own factors and affects the actual participation effect;There're also serious uncertainties about the outcomes of citizen representative participation.The root of the problems lie in the following aspects:The citizen's autonomous organization in society contemporary is not well developed and can't actually represent the citizen indeed;Citizen participation in public service standard-setting process without mandatory institutional arrangements to guarantee the effective citizen participation;Lacking of corresponding mechanisms to ensure citizens' participation in the effective assessment and accountable of public service reform which is impossible to accurately measure the actual effect of the standardized reform.Improve the status of citizen participation in standardization should be based on the dynamic mechanism that can inspire citizens to participate in the standardization reform ofpublic service:Establishing the ecology political system of the responsible government with the right of people by establishing the election system of the People's Congress at the grass-roots level and the cultivation of the autonomous public service organization;Integrating citizen participation into the local regulations of standardization reform and establishing the decision-making responsibility system so that citizens can participate in the standardization process to realize the legislation;In the design of the implementation of the standardization of the system and the corresponding management should be customer-oriented and focus more on the complaints services to achieve service information disclosure maximally,involve traditional advisory participation and new type consultative participation so that to admit the traditional consultation of participation and the new forms of deliberation of participation of the two forms;By training civil servants and the public to improve the ability of the governance of public and governors in the process of the standardization reform.In a summary,the good institutional environment is an important guarantee for citizens to effectively participate in the decision-making and implementation of government public services.
Keywords/Search Tags:Standardization of public service, Citizen participation, People's democracy
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