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A Study On Innovation And Promotion Path Of Community Governance In Context Of "Village-to-Community"

Posted on:2017-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566453254Subject:Political Theory
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With the development of marketization,urbanization and industrialization,the openness and mobility of rural communities is increasing day by day,its social structure and economic basis had occurred major changes.Especially the located in the suburb of the city or surrounded by urban facilities,it has been the greatest impact of modernization.Under the background of the integration of urban and rural development,“Village-to-Community” community 's location advantage will make it play an important role,the breakthrough point promoting the integration of urban and rural development and development of urban and rural public service as a point of undertaking.“Village-to-Community” community needs to explore a governance model in order to meet the needs of community residents in public service and adapt to the open,mobile social requirements.How to govern the “Village-to-Community” community,the eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the requirement of "strengthening the service function of urban and rural communities" ? "giving full play to the basic role of mass participation in social management".H community,Xiangyang City,Hubei Province,combined with its own situation being bold in blazing new trails,forming with its own characteristics of the governance model for the construction of the community in Xiangyang city is in a very good reference value.In this paper,the first part is the introduction,introducing this paper's researching origin?researching significance?researching ideas?researching methods?researching innovations?researching deficiencies and domestic and foreign research literature overview.The second part is the related concepts and theoretical interpretation,explaining the theoretical basis for the following study to pave the way.The third part is the main practice of H community governance in Xiangyang City,the government,residents,community residents' committees,community party organizations,street offices have played a positive role in the community governance.The fourth part is the main problems of the community governance of H community in Xiangyang City.Through in-depth analysis of typical cases of H community,H community has the problem of insufficient supply of public services in community,the organization structure of community governance is not perfect,The main body of community governance is not diversified,lack of effectiveness of community culture construction.It presents a serious challenge to the stability and harmony of the community.The fifth part is the main path to improve the governance level of H community in Xiangyang City,the H community need to combine the local actual situation,through improving the supply of community public service,improving the organizational structure of community governance,building a diversified community governance subject,promoting the innovation and development of community culture to enhance the level of community governance.The sixth part is the conclusion,which makes a summary of the whole thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:the development of urban and rural integration, "Village-to-Community" community, community governance
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