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Reserch On The Rural Community Construction Under Urban-rural Integration Horizon

Posted on:2018-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330569987323Subject:Marxism in China
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The report of 18 th CPC National Congress to solve agricultural rural peasant problem is the top priority of the party work,stick to the path of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics and to promote the integration of urban and rural development as the basic way to solve the problem of "agriculture,rural areas and farmers".This symbolized our country on the whole,to promote agriculture,led the country to the city,comprehensive,balanced and sustainable economic and social development,the coordinated development of urban and rural areas of new historical stage.In order to balance urban and rural development,improve the living standards of rural residents and the quality of life,we must break the current basic public services of urban and rural dualistic situation,out of a rural development road with Chinese characteristics,and deepen the reform of the rural community,promote the region one of the most effective way of equal basic public services.Due to the rural economy is relatively backward not happen overnight,but the precipitation of history,rural community development is a very difficult task.Overall,the current our country socialism new rural construction has entered into the phase of rapid development,but the rural community construction is in start level,the accumulation of experience also not much,also appeared some problems.With the rapid advance of the rural community construction,according to the actual needs of the rural community construction in China,sum up experience,seeking breakthroughs,explore scientific and efficient development road to become a top priority.Based on the integration of urban and rural areas as the research background,this paper respectively to the current problems in the process of new rural community construction and promote the new rural community construction Suggestions and countermeasures on the analysis and research of the system.The author seriously study related to the integration of urban and rural areas and rural community construction laws and documents,and combined with political science,economics,sociology,statistics and other related discipline theory knowledge,based on the present stage our country's basic national conditions,with Yang Village of Luyuan District,Changchun,Jilin Province as an example,in reference to the domestic and foreign scholars in related fields,on the basis of research results,in the process of the rural community construction in the process of urban and rural integration problems to compare the in-depth research.This thesis mainly is divided into four parts: the first part,mainly introduced the selected topic background of this study,the way of the content of the research on the rural community at home and abroad,the research present situation;The second part,theintegration of urban and rural,rural community and rural community construction such as defining the relevant concepts;The third part,through to the Luyuan District,changchun Yang Village in-depth investigation and detailed research of community construction,finding Yang Village loopholes and defects in community construction,the fourth part,in view of the problems have been found to make timely and make up and repair,constantly perfect Yang Village community construction,promote again obtain employment,perfecting Yang Village of Yang Village villagers' health system,perfecting Yang Village infrastructure construction and improve the economic development of Yang Village.In this paper,the Yang Village carry out specific analysis on the existing problems in community construction,can provide researchers in national rural community construction with unique research focus;Have put forward corresponding countermeasures for Yang Village community construction problems,but also provide guidance in other parts of the rural community construction in our country,and constructive Suggestions,and promote the rural community construction in China and the development of a new socialist countryside.
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