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The Adjustment And Development Trend Of Party Building In County Communities Under The Process Of Urban And Rural Integration

Posted on:2019-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The integration of urban and rural planning as a whole era of community party building is a big proposition,in terms of the characteristics of the community,both central city community,there are also vast rural community both suburban rural community,also have far away from the center city of rural communities both bearing the weight of the urban community of historical vicissitudes of life,there are also in the process of integration of urban and rural planning as a whole to grow up in the big tide of the transformation of the community.The characteristics of the community are different,so the development of party building in different communities is different.The construction of the community party is based on the different characteristics of the community.Therefore,the research on the construction of different types of community party has its own important value and significance.The case study of the author will lock in Taoyuan new estate community,but is to research the integration of urban and rural planning as a whole the characteristics of the community party building work what differ with normal urban community party building.This article by Lenin,MAO Zedong theory system as a guide,combined with our country is in the process of integration of urban and rural planning as a whole under the special national condition,adopts the method of micro empirical research Taoyuan town estate community party building work new situation,new estate Taoyuan community party "1 + 10 + N" red alliance mode under urban and rural integration process as a whole has become the most representative mode of the party,to our country urban and rural integration of community party building has important reference significance.This paper is divided into five chapters: the first chapter is the introduction.Mainly introduced the paper selected topic background and research significance,the existing relevant materials about the community party building and the main point of view,after combing wrote research are reviewed,and the thesis framework and specific research ideas;The second chapter for the integration of urban and rural planning as a whole community party construction related concept and theory of interpretation,including the integration of urban and rural as a whole the origin and the development of urban and rural integration policy and the inner relation between community party building,and in urban and rural integration of the present work of community party building the new requirements,objectives and principles put forward some own view;Case of the third chapter,mainly introduced the research of Taoyuan new estate community of "1 + 10 + N" mode of party construction,the concrete system design,operation mode,the basic features,and so on,and do a simple review of party construction mode;The fourth chapter is a review of the main problems existing in the party construction of Taoyuan new estate.The fifth chapter of community party building under the integration of urban and rural planning as a whole make a simple forecast development trend,and thus infer focus point and focus in the community party construction work and puts forward relevant countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Party's Construction of City Community, Community Governance, urban-rural integration
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