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Research On The Construction Of Leading Cadres In Towns And Towns In The New Age

Posted on:2020-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330578453970Subject:Public administration
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Townships and towns are the grassroots organizations of China's administrative agencies.Township leaders are the closest leading cadres to the people.Studying the style construction of leading cadres in townships and towns is of great significance for establishing and maintaining the prestige of the party and the state,and is of great significance for maintaining social stability.Taking H city of Guangdong Province as an example,this paper makes a systematic study on the current situation,existing problems and causes of the current style of township and village leading cadres' work styles by using the literature data method,questionnaire survey method and interview method.The study found that the construction of the style of leading cadres in towns and villages in H city mainly has problems such as weak concept of purpose,poor conversion effect of learning results to work initiatives,lack of awareness of the overall situation,perfunctory and coping,and advocating "drink table culture" in life.These problems are mainly caused by the failure of township and township leading cadres to grasp the party spirit,and are easily influenced by the external environment and bad thoughts.The follow-up ideological and political education has not been effectively followed up.In addition,the selection and evaluation system has also produced a huge influences.Therefore,the following suggestions are made:(1)Strengthen the construction of the system guarantee system,continuously improve the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction,build a multi-level joint supervision system,improve the all-round supervision content system,strengthen the construction of leading cadres' style evaluation system,and innovate the system for selecting and appointing leading cadres;(2)Strengthen the armed forces of leading cadres.Strengthen party spirit education,strengthen party mass education,and improve education and training for leading cadres.(3)To promote the reform of the township supervision mechanism,it is necessary to improve the mechanism of General Secretary Xi Jinping's work requirements of “not to be biased” and four “to keep up”,and establish a mechanism for enforcement of law enforcement in an integrated operation to reduce interference from external factors.Improve the working ability of township discipline inspection and supervision staff.
Keywords/Search Tags:new era, township leadership, cadre style
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