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Validity Study Of Charismatic Leadership In Organizational Crisis Scenarios

Posted on:2005-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125952135Subject:Administrative Management
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For a long time, the research on leadership theory has made enormous achievement. In the 1990's, charismatic leadership broke through traditional frame of leadership theories, and became one of the orientations in leadership research. Some researchers thought that charismatic leadership be suitable for most organization situations, and there were some studies on the relationship between charismatic leadership and organization crisis. But researchers haven't achieved consensus, and the studies have lacked of comprehensive empirical analysis. So this paper applied with empirical study to probe into the performance of charismatic leadership under different organization crisis.This paper took the investigation way of questionnaire. First, analyzed organization crisis and developed its test questionnaire, explained the questionnaire of charismatic leadership and their performance; then choose 45 leaders from seven administrative institutes and businesses as the research objects, collected relevant data in assessment. After that, we divided all research subjects into to independent groups, by the marks in organization crisis test.For studying on performance of charismatic leadership under different crisis, we conducted correlation analysis to probe into the relationship, between the data of charismatic leadership and that of the leaders three indexes of performance (include the organizational commitment, the subordinates' leader satisfaction, the subordinates' job satisfaction.), through the SPSS software, we also discussed the results from statistics.The studies show that under certain organizational context, correlation-ship between charismatic leadership and the leaders performance are different. In the situation of high crisis, the correlation-ship between charismatic leadership and organizational commitment is not significant; under low crisis, the correlation-ship is significantly negative. Whether in high or low crisis organization situations, the correlation-ship between charismatic leadership and subordinates' leader satisfaction is significantly positive, and the correlation-ship between charismatic leadership and subordinates' job satisfaction is vague in statistics.This research proved that the researches of leadership must combine corresponding contextual factors, and the studies which apart away from the situations are invalid. At the same time, leaders' performance should be divided to different index in investigations. So this study offered the empirical basis of consulting for charismatic leadership under different organization crisis.
Keywords/Search Tags:organization crisis, contextual factors, behavior of leadership, charismatic leadership, effectiveness of leadership
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