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Research On The Employment Service Of The Disabled Of Jiangbei District Of Ningbo Under The Perspective Of Information

Posted on:2019-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y E ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330590956374Subject:Public Management
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From the perspective of informatization,this paper discussed how to make use of the continuous development of information technology promotion year the disabled employment service level,promote employment for the disabled.This paper analyzes the situation and problems of the disabled employment service,draw lessons from the foreign advanced informatization related practices and case studies,put forward the Suggestions for the improvement of the disabled employment service level.The main contents of this paper are the following two core questions.(1)How to use information technology to improve the level of employment services for the disabled,including information data management and utilization,information based career guidance and education and training services.(2)How to provide better supporting services for disabled people who work in information technology,so as to promote the development of information disabled employment posts and improve the employment level of information for disabled persons.This article attempts through the four parts of the disabled employment service under the perspective of informatization.The first part analyzes the research information under the perspective of the disabled employment service theory meaning and practice meaning,do the analysis summary about the present situation of research at home and abroad,put forward in this paper,we study the innovations.Puts forward the concept of informatization,as well as in the content and features of the disabled employment service under the perspective of informatization,points out the employment for disabled persons under the perspective of informatization venture of comparative advantage.The second part analyzes the current situation and problems of the disabled employment service under the perspective of informatization.One is the analysis of the current situation of jiangbei disabled employment information management service,points out that the disabled employment information management service employment entrepreneurship information asymmetry,lack of talent support,lack of supportive system security support three big problems.The second is analyzed the current situation and problems of informatization for the disabled employment entrepreneurial model services,business network services for the disabled are pointed out market judgment and so on comprehensive supporting support,the informationization employment for disabled persons lack of subsequent integration support and professional development services,home for the disabled employment service high order dispersion and logistics cost problems.Three is to analyze the informatization for the disabled employment policy to support the status quo,pointed out that the disabled for network support and insufficient social security policy,the informatization of vocational training network policy,lack of subsidy policy for employment in proportion the employer three big problems.The third part draw lessons from foreign advanced the disabled employment service experience.To the United States,Italy,Japan and other countries of advanced the disabled employment service practices detailed analysis,especially in the use of information technology to promote the advanced experience of the disabled employment service aspect,points out the advanced experience to improve the service level of employment for the disabled in our country.According to the experience of the foreign advanced information-based perspective of the disabled employment service countermeasures are put forward.The fourth part starts from the construction of information system,the service of employment training and the construction of the mode of employment and entrepreneurship,the emphasis is put forward to push forward informationalization construction,design the disabled employment accessibility for the disabled entrepreneurial support platform,with the aid of order processing and logistics integrated platform to carry out the employment,and push the informationization employment of ordering employment pattern that occupy the home,etc.Countermeasures and Suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Informatization, Employment of disabled person, Distance training, Network platform, Employment information system
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