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Research On Influencing Factors And Norms Of Villagers' Voting Behavior In Village Committee Election

Posted on:2020-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P LianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596988157Subject:Public administration
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Since the official implementation of the Law on Organizations of the Villagers' Committee of the People's Republic of China,the election at the expiration of villagers' committees has become the most universal form of democratic self-governance at grass-root level of rural areas.The voting actions of the villagers in the election process act one of the most important forms of political participation seen in the villagers and the most direct way for them to participate in election,affecting the outcome and quality of the election.The rural election actions reflect whether there exists order in citizens' participation to vote.Besides,the move reflects the influence of the level of economic development and government support in villagers' voting behaviosr in corresponding regions,which has already become a social issue in the process of democratic political construction at grass-root level.In pursuant of the existing research results,most researches focus the villagers' self-governance behaviors in citizen participation,but the researches studying the influencing factors of villagers' voting behavior in the election at the expiration of officers of villagers' committees are far from extensive and deep.And,the election at expiration of officers of villagers' committee is the most fundamental and important link in the construction of democratic politics at grass-root level in China.In the election,the voting process which is the most direct way for villagers to participate in village committee elections and the most important channel for villagers to express their declinations and exercise their rights attaches greater significance.However,it is also needed to see thatvarious negative phenomenon arising from the village committee's voting process,such as the villagers' lack of citizenship awareness,complex social relations,excessive government intervention,and unstandardized election procedures.In further,that the phenomenon of villagers' voting behavior is in shortage of standard in the election remains unchanged,seriously damaging the quality and progress of democratic political construction at grass-root level.With respect to that,this thesis seeks to use the Leyuan town of Shaoguan City as an example.Based on the analysis of the literature theory,thesis conducts an analysis on the data it has gained through the questionnaire survey,the research and the interviews to related villagers on field of the 7th election at the expiration of villagers' committees in Leyuan town to sum up the factors influencing the voting actions of villagers in election at the expiration of villagers' committees in China at current stage.By doing so,the thesis can put forward the ideas and countermeasures of the government to strengthen the participation of villagers in voting and to standardize voting behavior with consideration of problems caused by above factors influencing villagers' participation to vote.
Keywords/Search Tags:Citizen participation, Election, Voting behavior, Election of village committees
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