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The Research Of Civil Servant Incentive Mechanism In Basic Customs

Posted on:2020-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602463674Subject:Public administration
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The party's 19th congress report pointed out that,China need transform government functions,deepen the decentralization,and build a service-oriented government that is honest,efficient and satisfactory to the people.Service-oriented government is an inevitable requirement for China to deepen its reform and opening up,and is also an inevitable requirement for customs construction in the new era.The grass-roots customs are responsible for putting all policies and guidelines of the party and the state into place and carrying out actual supervision.They face import and export enterprises directly and have great pressure and responsibility.Recently,the customs reform has also ushered in great changes in history,for example,the integration of national customs clearance and the functional transformation of grass-roots customs.Civil servants at the grass-roots level have to face not only poor working environment,but also problems such as low salary level and difficult promotion.As a result,the enthusiasm of many civil servants at the grass-roots level has been restrained,there is no clear direction and motivation for their work,and thus they show resistance to the working state.How to establish a good incentive mechanism to stimulate the enthusiasm of civil servants,improve work efficiency and optimize the efficiency of customs supervision is a great challenge facing the customs.Through a large number of incentive mechanism related documents and questionnaires,this paper collects the incentive mechanism problems of the grass-roots customs.It is found that there are some problems such as insufficient material incentives,lack of negative incentive mechanism,unreasonable salary,narrow promotion channels,unscientific assessment methods,unreasonable training results,etc.The incentive mechanism has not played its real role well.Then,by using the comparative method,enumerate the experience of good incentive mechanism in developed countries,so as to learn from it.To improve the incentive mechanism for grassroots civil servants,we must adhere to two principles:spiritual incentive and material incentive Combined,positive and negative incentives.Suggestions for optimizing the incentive system for civil servants at the grass-roots level include:establishing a reasonable salary system,continuously optimizing the salary structure,balancing the salary gap of civil servants at the grass-roots level,and establishing a regular salary growth mechanism;Do a good job in the classification management system of civil servants;Establish a scientific assessment system,refine the assessment content,enrich the assessment subjects,improve the assessment methods,and attach importance to the assessment results;Establish a smooth promotion system,increase the promotion space for grassroots civil servants,and provide a higher platform for outstanding grassroots civil servants;Establish an effective training system,set up a correct training concept,strengthen the practicability of training content,pay attention to the diversification of training forms,and strengthen the transformation of training results;Establish a standardized system of rewards and punishments,guide grassroots civil servants to establish a correct concept of rewards and punishments,and strengthen the operability of the implementation of reward and punishment standards.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots Customs, Civil Servants, Incentive Mechanism, Performance Appraisal
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