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Grass-roots Civil Servant Performance Appraisal Problems Research

Posted on:2018-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330536959145Subject:Administrative Management
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Civil servants are exercising national administrative power,the implementation of national public service personnel.The most frequent contact with the public is in the grass-roots civil servants,but they do not state administrative power is the most direct executor,and their administrative efficiency and service level,to achieve the implementation of national policies and objectives has direct effect in order to grass-roots civil servants performance appraisal can be scientific,standard,in order to achieve the objective of performance appraisal,effective implementation and long-term development,optimize the performance appraisal system is particularly important,it has theoretical significance and practical value to help the national civil service related policies and goals to achieve better.Research on the performance evaluation in domestic and abroad the government,they can be found in the specific practice of performance appraisal has made some achievements,especially in the grass-roots civil servants performance Some progress and development has made the assessment,but there are still some problems in the progress and development.This paper starts with the research background,the related concepts and the writing significance of the paper,analyzes the basic problems of civil servants performance appraisal,such as performance appraisal index design general assessment index is objective.Rating leadership subjective weight is too large,these issues will affect the results of the assessment,the assessment results can not objectively reflect the actual situation of civil servants work,lack of evaluation results effective,can not play a role in encouraging the civil service performance appraisal.And then learn from the advanced experience of domestic and abroad,put forward to improve the problems and suggestions,hoping to get a set of scientific,effective and reasonable evaluation system,which can guarantee for the effective implementation of grass-roots civil servants The work of the government is very important.Finally put forward the safeguard measures,we can strengthen the grass-roots civil servants performance appraisal level,optimizing all aspects of examination management,in order to achieve the effective implementation of the performance appraisal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil servants at the grass-roots level, Performance appraisal, Indicators of quantitative
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