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Reserch On Law Issue Of Police Station System Reform

Posted on:2009-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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More and more stick out in recent years, as the role of public security of local police station of the county-level agency of Public Security Bureau, business work is more and more heavy, but since having police strength deficiency, duty and power are not supplemental , ensure the system problem of not go to position, the needs that can not already meet the working task and situation of public order, its system is to be urgently reformed. Have Liao the system reform patterns of local police station such as source pattern and Daqing pattern, have advantages and disadvantages each, but do not normalize reform process and guarantee with law to reform accomplishment, the reason that lack process the continuation with result. The author thinks , though the reform effect that partial regions cancel local police station is relatively obvious, but when the local police station of our country can not cancel always , and should treat in accordance with the specific condition difference of every place, the system reform of local police station should go on strictly according to legal program , and passes through revision to perfect related organization law content, normalize the legal relation of the definite duty of local police station, leading relation and and related main part further, and as granting the administrative main part of local police station position consider , ensure conscientiously that the system reform of local police station carries out and gets effect smoothly , develop steadily.
Keywords/Search Tags:The local police station of public security, System reform, Legal problem
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