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A Study On The Planning And Arrangement Of The Local Police Stations In China 's Metropolitan Areas

Posted on:2016-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330461499897Subject:Public administration
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In our country, the police station as their organization of public security organs, plays an important role in the reform of management system of public security, the public security organ experience from the maintenance of social order, the household register population registration, "tough on crime, prevention, management, service, blow" as a whole and construct comprehensive fight entity of the five functions change, by the police station to realize. But the present police station planning set with historical continuity, already can not adapt to the needs of the public security management in the new period, the adjustment of the work of police station planning set be imperative.This article starts with the analysis of the police station planning set history and current situation to start, analysis of changes in the characteristics of the history, evolution analysis of duties, elaborate on the status quo of the present stage station setup planning in China, finding the problems, to study the factors influencing the police station set. At the same time, to the Fengtai District police station planning set are deeply studied as a case, to support the population quantity, structure, the incidence and the security environment, police distribution data for specific criminal cases, explains that there is the Fengtai District police station community planning problems and reasons. Then, through drawing lessons from foreign advanced experience of world city of local police station police management, analysis of the New York community police patrol pattern, Tokyo watch whistle mode and Hongkong police work mode, summed up the advanced experience of police management, proposals to lay the foundation for the final optimization.Finally, based on the analysis of the case, draw lessons from foreign advanced policing management experience, combined with the actual situation of China’s police station set planning, influence factors to set the police station planning as the breakthrough point, summarizes the rational planning of local police station must handle well the relations between population structure, area and security situation, the regional integrity, regional economic development and the administrative planning, adhere to grassroots tilt police, a clear division of responsibilities and the principles of the construction of auxiliary police team, optimization of the recommendations put forward in accordance with the specific three aspects of long-term planning, in the short-term goal and the presentstage of feasibility of measures, to provide ideas for the construction of police station.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public security system reform, The police station planning, Police resources
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