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Study On The Perspective Of Population Structure Of The "Demographic Dividend"

Posted on:2012-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330335450674Subject:Labor economics
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ABSTRACT:Since the reform and opening-up, our rapid economic development, and meanwhile, population structure has also undergone a rapid change. In nearly 30 years, population structure change generated "population dividend" effect on our country's economic development plays a major role. But with the advantage of relatively rich labor resources weakened gradually, how to fully exploit and extend "population dividend" effect has become a big problem worth us concern.This paper studies from our current ideas of "population dividend" changed circumstances, in opposition to the problem of qualitative and quantitative analysis on the macro trends, the change of population structure research the influence factors of labor change of labor force and labor and the participation rate with the two key indicators of economic development, the empirical analysis GDP index demonstration "population dividend" vanishing from Labor, and the labor participation, factors such as human capital, labor flow this advice to extend perspective "population dividend" or mining "second population dividend".Empirical results show that birth and population structure change is significantly related, and at the same time since China's reform and opening the proportion of population with its workforce of economic forces are related both. In addition, economic growth and labor participation, correlation coefficient is positively related to 0.869, therefore, by improving labor participation to expand the "population dividend" is a very efficient way.
Keywords/Search Tags:Population structure, Demographic dividend, Economic growth, Labor flow, Labor participation
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