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The Demographic Dividend In China And Its Impact On Economic Growth

Posted on:2019-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Demographic dividend refers to the effect of forming a special demographic age structure which is beneficial to economic development in the process of population transformation.Demographic dividend is different from the population age structure,population dividend is big in the population of working age population proportion and labor dependency ratio is low,because of the reasonable policy measures and the industrial structure,the formation of the population to promote economic development.Although demographic dividend is different from demographic age structure,the two are closely related.The period of low population dependency ratio formed in the process of demographic age structure change is called demographic dividend period.As for the current situation of China's demographic dividend,scholars are most concerned about the starting and ending points of the demographic dividend period.From the perspective of population dependency ratio,most scholars believe that China's demographic dividend period began in the early 1990 s.According to the predicted results,the demographic dividend period will end around 2035.Examines factors LMDI decomposition model,the influence of China's economic growth during 1990-2014,this model can be indicated that the rate of change of GDP is all productivity rate,labor participation rate,labor population rate the influence of the three.The change rate of labor population ratio is actually the change of population factors,which must reflect the age structure of population.Therefore,this model actually links economic growth rate with demographic dividend.The results show that labor productivity has the greatest influence on economic growth and promotes economic growth.The working population has great influence on economic growth and also promotes economic growth.The labor participation rate has the smallest contribution to economic growth,and the further increase of labor participation rate is not conducive to economic growth.When the effect of demographic dividend on economic growth decreases,countermeasures should be taken to further improve labor productivity and labor participation rate to ensure the sustained growth of China's economy.
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