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Study On The Real Population Dividend In Yunnan Province

Posted on:2018-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330518959090Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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There is a close relationship between population and economic development.Due to the change of population,it will gradually form a favorable condition and environment for social accumulation and economic growth.But the demographic dividend is an irreversible process,which are not inexhaustible,inexhaustible,along with the continuous change of the population,will gradually lose the advantage of labor force,the demographic dividend will gradually disappear,population balance will come.Therefore,firmly grasp the "demographic dividend" effect,fully tap and use the additional economic benefits brought by the demographic dividend,in order to deal with the future of aging and population liabilities is the focus of this study.This paper first through the observation of change and evolution of Yunnan province population change and population age structure,analysis of the demographic dividend in Yunnan province to open in time for the 2000,the closing time for the 2034,lasted 34 years,compared with the national demographic dividend short period of 9 years,is currently in the prosperous period of demographic dividend.Following the in-depth analysis of the impact factors of "demographic dividend" effect and path from two aspects to discuss,one is the labor factor,labor supply,labor participation rate and the influence mechanism of the human capital level of "demographic dividend" effect of empirical analysis,obtains the children dependency ratio,the total dependency ratio is negative correlation with economic growth,influence the old-age dependency ratio of economic growth is not significant.On the other hand,the national savings level,through empirical analysis that the demographic transition has increased labor force,reducing the dependency burden,and the child dependency ratio and the total dependency ratio decline can increase the level of savings,while accelerating the accumulation of capital,to promote the rapid development of the economy of Yunnan province.Thirdly,this paper analyzes the contribution rate of each factor of production and population dividend to the economic growth of Yunnan province.The results show that the contribution rate of technology level is low in Yunnan province.Finally,in order to give full play to the real "demographic dividend" effect,Yunnan province can increase investment in education,the transformation of the industrial structure,improve the social security system,improve the capital market and improve the quality of labor,to achieve sustainable economic development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Demographic dividend, Economic growth, Population age structure, Dependency ratio, Yunnan Province
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