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The Research On Postgraduate Student Participate In The Internal Quality Assurance

Posted on:2019-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the increase of the number of graduate students in our country,the strategic position of education has become increasingly prominent,the reform of education in colleges and universities is not only improve the quality of graduate education,but also pay more attention to the current situation of the graduate students to participate in the internal quality assurance and ability.Graduate students participate in the internal quality assurance means that the graduate students are involved in the subject,actively participate in the education quality evaluation and supervision.Their participation have many meanings.On the one hand,it helps to maintain the principal position of postgraduate students in education activities and guarantee their legitimate rights and interests.On the other hand,it can push the school to solve the education problem in time,to achieve management goals.In addition,the comprehensive quality and management ability of graduate students can be cultivated to help students grow into talents.Using SPSS software to analyze the data of some of our graduate students in high school's internal quality assurance,we found that: Firstly,the knowledge and ability of relevant subjects are insufficient,the ideas of school administrators and teachers hinder the enthusiasm of graduate students,the participation awareness and ability of graduate students are insufficient.Secondly,security system construction is not complete,the related work is not going well.Thirdly,the participation channel is not clear,lack of effective participation platform.Fourthly,the participation effect is not significant,the degree of graduate participation is low,schools focus on form and discount content.By analyzing these problems,we can get the following suggestions: Firstly,cultivate the quality culture centered on the student,attach importance to the participation of graduate students,change ideas,correct view and deal with the dispute caused by graduate students to participate in.Secondly,improving the participation system of postgraduate students,optimizing the participation environment,national and schools are gradually improving institutional security,ensuring the right of graduate students.Thirdly,expanding the channel of graduate student participation,increase the participation way,and promote the participation awareness and ability of the graduate students,let participate behavior become a habit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Graduate student, Internal quality assurance of colleges and universities, Student participation
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