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The Development And Application Of High School Information Technology Based On The Cloud Classroom

Posted on:2019-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330545972452Subject:The modern education technology
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With the rapid development of information technology,the cloud is used in the classroom.So the teachers should not only timely updates their the teaching ideas,concepts,but also think about how to carry out the teaching based on the cloud classroom and improve teaching efficiency.It is also the key to the door if the schools successfully carry out the cloud classroom teaching.Therefore,taking the high school information technology course as an example,this paper discusses the process of the development and application of the curriculum resources of high school information technology courses under the cloud classroom environment.The main tasks are followed:(1)design the resource for the school curriculum of "information technology foundation" in the cloud classroom environment.Firstly,the development of the school-based curriculum of the information technology foundation mainly includes the construction of school-based curriculum textbook system,teaching contents and the school-based teaching objectives.Then,on this basis,the content of the curriculum resources is designed.This paper designs a school-based multi-class evaluation model.(2)combine the functional characteristics of the cloud classroom teaching platform to design the appropriate cloud classroom teaching organization form and carry out the development of high school information technology curriculum in the cloud classroom environment.From teaching goal,teaching strategy,the analysis of study,the author puts forward several kinds of cloud based on double main teaching classroom teaching organization form,such as a class of autonomous inquiry cloud collaborative classroom,network classroom,flipping class,and the teaching unit based on the topic of a open cloud classroom,etc.According to the cloud of school-based curriculum classroom environment,specific the teaching organization form is used for the development of resources.(3)supplicate and evaluate the curriculum resources of the high school information technology.Through face-to-face classroom observation,the behavior of cloud classroom record analysis and evaluation of data and students' questionnaire,the author found that teaching organization form based on the cloud classroom is valid,and the resources used to develop the students' interest in learning,the knowledge of the situation,the autonomic learning ability have a good effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud classrooms, Cloud teaching resources design, School-based curriculum resources, Development and application
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