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Biological Resources Construction Of Junior Middle School Students Based On "Four-Leaf Cloud Classroom" Platform

Posted on:2020-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of education informationization,the integration of information technology and education has become the normal state of education.Although many schools use "cloud classroom" resources to carry out informationized teaching,there are some problems in the "cloud classroom" teaching resources,such as slow updating speed,uneven quality,and inability to meet the actual teaching needs,which requires the study of resource construction and service for front-line teaching.According to the current situation and existing problems of junior middle school students' biology resources construction,this paper puts forward the principles and steps of resource construction by taking the chapter "Transport of Material in Human Body" as an example,taking constructive learning theory,experience tower theory and multimedia learning theory as theoretical support,and combining the characteristics of "Four-leaf Cloud Classroom" platform.Through the content teaching design and resource requirements of this chapter,the author uses various kinds of information technology software to construct specific picture resources,animation resources,microlecture resources and video resources.The method of resource construction can be used for reference by front-line teachers in dealing with pictures,animation creation,micro-class production and video editing.The author applies the constructed teaching resources to practical teaching.Through interviews with teachers and questionnaires to students,the author obtains feedback on the quality of resources.Through experiments in the experimental class and the comparative class,and through the processing of the test results after the experiment by SPSS software,the author obtains feedback on the resource application.The conclusion is that the constructed teaching resources are rich in content and conform to the students' cognitive rules.The combination of resources of "Four-leaf Cloud Classroom" platform in teaching can effectively improve students' interest in learning,make a breakthrough in the important and difficult points,help students to build the content system of the chapters,and thus improve their learning efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:cloud classroom, resource construction, teaching design, information technology software
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