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Study On College Students' Participation In The Management Of College Students

Posted on:2019-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous improvement and renewal of the national educational institutions and educational organization system,the degree of university students'participation in the management of students in colleges and universities is getting higher and higher.As a whole,it is of great practical significance for college students to participate in the management of college students.This activity not only strengthens the students' subjective consciousness,strengthens the practical ability,but also helps to improve the management level of colleges and universities.Therefore,as the head of the university should have a clear understanding,we should actively expand and enrich various channels to guide students to participate in the management of students,and improve their enthusiasm for participation in management.At present,from the perspective of student management in some institutions of higher learning in China,student participation management has received much attention in many universities,but it is still relatively weak in general.Based on the in-depth understanding and discussion of the present situation of students' participation in the management of students in Wuchang Institute of technology,this paper makes a preliminary exploration and Analysis on the problems and countermeasures of students' participation in the management of students from the aspects of concept,activity,system and mechanism.The author believes that in the management of college students,the school should adhere to the "student based" management concept,make the school student management work to get the students' positive support and understanding,and further enhance the effectiveness of the management of college students.This article is composed of five parts.The first part is the introduction,which makes a comprehensive exposition of the research background and development status of College Students' participation in the management of college students,and then summarizes the development history and research situation of the students' participation,which lays the foundation for the later research.The second part analyzes the necessity and importance of students' participation in management activities from the theoretical level.On this basis,the connotation,types and influencing factors of college students'participation in the management of college students are clarified,and the participation process is explained in detail.The third part mainly investigates the current situation of student management in Wuchang Institute of technology,and enumerates the deficiencies and deficiencies.From the point of view of management,in order to meet the needs of college students' participation in management work,university administrators provide the necessary way to participate,but the enthusiasm of mobilizing students to participate in management is very limited,so the path needs to be enriched and perfected.From the content of management and specific scope,the management content of the students is more open.It is based on the basic work,the students have less authority;from the policy system,colleges and universities have not yet formulated a sound policy system to demand and standardize the behavior of students,and do not provide the necessary practical basis for the management work;from the view of students,students are important to participate in the student management activities.Lack of interest,low interest and low consciousness,this phenomenon leads to the fact that student participation in management is not very high.The fourth part is an in-depth analysis of the actual situation of student management in universities at all levels in China.It focuses on the analysis of the way and the system of students' participation in the management of students,and puts forward relevant references and hints.It is a reliable way to drive students to participate in and update the existing management institutions.The fifth part is aimed at the problem,and draws the conclusion that the school should improve the construction of policy system,improve the students' participation in the management of students,increase the participation way and expand the scope of participation.Students should strengthen the democratic consciousness,change their attitude and improve the management ability.On the basis of this,we put forward the feasible coping strategies for students' participation in the management of college students,improve the ideological understanding,change the management concept,strengthen the organization and leadership,improve the management system,perfect the operating mechanism,ensure the effectiveness of participation,encourage the students to participate,create a harmonious atmo sphere and work for the environment construction.The above countermeasures study to promote college students' participation in college student management.
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