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A Study On The Theory And Practice Of Students' Participation In The Management Of Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2007-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360185472765Subject:Higher Education
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Content: Internationally, student participating in the management of colleges and universities is a tendency of the recent development of university management, in our country, the reform of colleges and universities management is the focus of attention of the government and people. How to introduce student participating in the reform of higher education management mechanism is the purpose of this study. In this study, I attempt to analysis the status quo of China's higher education, drawing on the experience of developed countries in university students to create conditions suitable for the students in our institutions of higher learning management mechanism. The research employs the methods of combining history and reality, theory and practice.This study is divided into five chapters: Chapter I is cited theory on the background and purpose of the present study, concluding predecessors research defined concept about this research ideas and methods. Chapter II describes the history of Chinese and foreign students in colleges and universities and state management to analyze successful experiences we can borrow. Chapter III main on the management of our university students in colleges and universities necessity and possibility, including political science, economics, sociology and management studies and other disciplines theoretical foundation, but also the current status of development of China's higher education has a basis in reality. Chapter IV is the main part of this paper is to explore how to introduce students in colleges and universities in the management mechanisms, including the establishment of the principle of participation, participation security system, and participation in the model steps. Chapter V of students in colleges and universities do an overall management behavior that the limitations of study's participation and follow-up research directions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Student participation, higher school management, Student participation in the management, student right
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