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Research On The Management Of Physical Education In Junior Students

Posted on:2018-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515491298Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Sports classroom management is an important pa rt of school physical education teaching activities.The effect of physical education classroom management is good and bad,not only has a direct impact on the efficiency of classroom teaching activities,but also affects the healthy development of students' physical and mental health.From the realistic research point of view,at present at the same time,the research on the management of the physical education of the junior students is relatively lacking.Most of the research is based on the experience of the predecessors,still staying in the traditional control-oriented management stage,without forming sci entific and practical Physical education classroom management methods.Therefore,the purpose of this study is to provide the practical guidance for the classroom management and the effective teaching of the lower prima ry school physical education teachers.In this paper,the use of literature,questionnaire survey,action research,observation method to explore the lower grades of prima ry school students in the ma nagement of sports theory and practical methods.This paper discusses the objectives,significance and principles of the management of the physical education of the junior students in the lower grades.Through the questionnaire survey of the lower grade primary school PE teachers,the observation of the lower grade PE class is carried out to unders tand the current situation of the management of the primary school physical education This paper analyzes and studies the types,contents,methods,characteristics,existing problems and the behavior of prima ry school students in physical education,and constructs practical methods for the management of physical education in junior and junior high school students,and proves through the action research practice The feasibility and effectiveness of the method,in order to help the lower grade pri mary school physical education teachers to provide better practice of classroom management guidance.The conclusions of this paper are as follows:First,through the investigation of the status quo,we can see that the management of junior high school students in the classroom management of major types of democracy and despotism of the two major categories of democratic teachers slightly more than authoritarian type.Management of the content,most teachers ignore the students' classroom awareness and behavior of the training and the "special" student ma nagement.Management is characterized by classroom management to teachers as the leading student self-management less;in the management objectives to focus on the maintenance of classroom discipline and mastery of students skills;in the management of behavior to focus on correcting the classroom behavior of students.Classroom management problems are mainly management objectives set is not clear,the management content is not comprehensive,more management methods.Secondly,through the three stages of action research practice and classroom observation,it is proved that the practical method of physica l education classroom management of juni or students can effectively help the junior mi ddle school PE teachers to carry out classroom management and improve the effective teaching of physical education.However,the design of the action research program lac ks the concrete method to use.In the design,it does not ta ke into account the combination of different kinds of methods and classroom teaching contents,as well as the application and implementation in different teaching links,and neglects the interest of the junior students And learning motivation.Thirdly,according to the problems existing in the management of the physical education of the junior students and the results of the action research,the strategies of the management of the physical education of the junior students are put forward.First,some practical management methods should be adopted in the management process.Second,Students correct classroom awareness and good behavior habits;third,teachers should correctly ha ndle the physical education "dyna mic" and "static" relationship,fourth,to strengthen the "special" student education and management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Lower grade primary schoolchild, Physical education classroom management, Action research
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