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Case Study On Improving Strategies Of Students' Satisfaction In Blended Learning Environment With Survey

Posted on:2019-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The presentation of redesigning learning space shows that diversified spatial planning can greatly improve students' learning.Embodied cognition theory also creatively points out the necessity of body and environment and the interaction between the two in the cognitive process.Therefore,at the present educational information,both the physical learning environment and the virtual learning environment are indispensable to students.Just blended learning environments(a learning environment that combines the face-to-face teaching and technical intermediation)can provide a variety of school learning space.But in a blended curriculum,what are the likely effects on student satisfaction when students face a range of choices that are "blended" in character? In blended learning environments,what factors contribute to improving student satisfaction? Therefore,this study investigated the satisfaction of students in Y primary school in West Lake District of Hangzhou with blended learning environment based on three different technologies(mobile technology,3D printing technology,VR technology and cloud desktop technology).The purpose of this study is to construct a blended learning environment based on different technologies,to develop a secondary measurement learning scale student satisfaction survey to explore the factors that affect student satisfaction and to propose corresponding strategies and suggestions.The specific contents of this study include:(1)Analyzing the current situation and trend of the research on mixed learning environment at home and abroad,combing existing dimensions and indicators that affect student satisfaction;(2)Taking Y Primary School in West Lake District of Hangzhou as an example,a blended learning environment with different technologies was constructed and a satisfactory scale for measurement was designed.(3)The qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods are used to analyze the factors that affect the satisfaction of students in mixed learning environment and make recommendations based on the results.The conclusion of this study focus on:(1)resources function,teaching time,platform design,the classroom environment,performance expectations,learning motivation,self-efficacy,learning atmosphere,collaboration awareness are the main factors influencing the student satisfaction blended learning environment,learning community,interaction,learning the background is the secondary factors influencing the student satisfaction;(2)there is a significant relationship between factors affecting student satisfaction,and explanatory variables have a positive and significant influence on the interpreted variables.The innovation of this study is mainly reflected in the design of measurement scale for student satisfaction according to the different learning environment,to explore the factors that affect the students' satisfaction according to the survey results and to put forward the corresponding satisfaction promotion strategies,Improve blended learning schools provide a reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Redesigning learning space, Blended courses, Blended Learning Environment, Student Satisfaction
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