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A Full Model Analysis Of The Influencing Factors Of Student Satisfaction Under The Blended Learning Mode

Posted on:2019-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330548464994Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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With the acceleration of education informatization,and the simple bottleneck of online learning,the ability to integrate online and offline learning has become increasingly important in the industry.At the national level,the "10 Years of Education Informatization Development Plan(2011-2020)" also explicitly pointed out that intensifying the integration of new media technologies and basic education,innovating the talent training model,and promoting education modernization are urgently to become contemporary teachers and educators.the goal that is pursued.Mixed learning is exactly the new education and teaching model that people put forward based on the binary opposition of traditional and emerging things,integrating their respective advantages.The content of this study is mainly divided into five parts.The main contents of each part are as follows:The first part is the introduction part of this research.It mainly elaborates the research background of the selected topic,the literature review at home and abroad,and the research ideas and methods of this study.Through research on the background of the study,the study theme was locked,followed by the study of domestic and foreign literature,which focused on the research point of this study,namely,"the full model analysis of student satisfaction satisfaction factors under the mixed learning model".After that,the research methods and research ideas of this study are discussed in detail.The second part mainly introduces some of the main concepts and related theoretical foundations in this study,and clears the theoretical barriers for this study.The third part is mainly divided into two aspects to introduce.First,the sample groups that participated in the survey were introduced,including the analysis of mixed curriculum content,introduction of learning platform,analysis of learning objects,and design of mixed learning activities.Secondly,based on the customer satisfaction model of China and the United States,a mixed-satisfaction satisfaction model was constructed.The variables in the model were analyzed,the observation variables under each level of variables were determined,and the hypotheses between variables were made.The fourth part mainly describes the questionnaire design,questionnaire distribution and the processing of the recovered data.In the questionnaire design stage,the mixed learning satisfaction scale in this study was compiled on the basis of the previous variable analysis and the existing scales.The project questionnaire was used to make the questionnaire before the formal release of the questionnaire.After the formal distribution of the questionnaire,the reliability and validity of the collected data were first analyzed,and the observed variables that did not meet the reliability and validity requirements were deleted.Finally,the structural model method and AMOS software were used to modify the initial model constructed in the third part three times,and the path that did not meet the research hypothesis was deleted.Finally,the mixed learning satisfaction model in this study was determined.The fifth part is mainly to carry on the variable path analysis to the model constructed in the fourth part,as well as the research summary and prospect of this research.In this study,the author draws on the customer satisfaction model in China and the United States to construct a mixed learning satisfaction model and makes assumptions about the variables in the model.At the same time,according to the existing literature review,the influencing factors of mixed learning satisfaction were sorted out and compiled into a mixed learning satisfaction scale.The mixed learning sample group was selected to distribute the mixed learning satisfaction scale,and a total of 139 valid questionnaires were obtained..The structural model and AMOS software were used to analyze the initial model of the mixed learning satisfaction model,and the unsatisfied path hypothesis was overturned based on the analysis results.After the satisfaction of the three satisfaction models,the mixed learning satisfaction model was finally established.
Keywords/Search Tags:blended learning, structural equation, learning satisfaction, blended learning satisfaction model
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