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Research On The Influence Of Talent Agglomeration In Shandong National High Tech Zone On Economic Growth

Posted on:2019-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330620964848Subject:Business Administration
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At present,the Shandong Peninsula high-tech zone the strong momentum of development,has a strong demand for talent,and the national high tech Zone is not only the cultivation base,the country's high-tech industry innovation base,but also has become the base of talent agglomeration,agglomeration and a certain scale,in the National High-tech Zone in the high quality talents will help promote the development of Shandong Peninsula Economic zone.Therefore,accurately grasp the talents of Shandong Peninsula High-tech Zone agglomeration and development of economic growth,explore the relationship between agglomeration of high-tech talents and economic growth and the degree of influence,can put forward promoting talents in Shandong high tech Zone Peninsula agglomeration and Economic Growth Countermeasure suggestion.Based on the related research of scholars both at home and abroad,taking the impact of talent agglomeration on economic growth in Shandong Peninsula high tech Zone as the research object,the influence of talent agglomeration on economic growth is studied by combining theoretical analysis with empirical analysis.The paper first defines the related concepts and reviews the research status quo at home and abroad;then analyzes the present situation of talent agglomeration Shandong Peninsula high-tech zone and the current situation of economic growth in the high-tech zone;moreover the talent agglomeration and economic growth indicators,using Eviews 7.2 statistical software to test the relationship between high-tech talent agglomeration in Shandong peninsula area and economic growth;the model type and the effect of panel data regression fit was determined by F test and Hausman test,this study also included 3 key indicators of economic factors as control variables,measure the high-tech talent to influence economic growth,and makes comparative analysis.Finally,it puts forward countermeasures and suggestions based on the findings.
Keywords/Search Tags:Talent agglomeration, Economic growth, Interactive relationship, Influence degree
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