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Research On The Relationship Between College Students' Future Time Perspective And Academic Procrastination:The Mediating Effect Of Academic Delay Of Gratification

Posted on:2020-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330572998654Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In our daily life,procrastination is a relatively common problem,mainly manifested by the individual delaying the plan or task,which leads to negative emotions such as confession,anxiety,insomnia,uneasiness,and even adverse consequences.Because college students are in a relatively loose management environment,and the learning style is relatively free,it is easy to have academic delays.As a reserve army for future social development,college students delay the development of behaviors,especially the occurrence of academic delays,which will adversely affect their own growth and future development,and even affect their studies.Therefore,it is an urgent problem to explore how to reduce the academic procrastination behavior of college students and improve their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for academics.It is also an important field for the study of college students' mental health.On the basis of combing the research of predecessors,this paper constructs a relationship model of future time insight,academic delay satisfaction and academic procrastination,and innovatively introduces comprehension of social support as a regulatory variable.In this study,eight colleges and universities such as Shanxi University of Finance and Economics and Shanxi Normal University were selected,and the "Undergraduate Student's Academic Delayed Satisfaction Scale" compiled by Song Qizheng,"General Future Time Insights",Liu Linghua,Wang Cuirong,etc.The revised "PASS Scale" and Zimet's Chinese version of the Comprehension Social Support Scale are measured tools.Through statistical analysis of 532 valid questionnaires collected,the results show that the majority of college students' academic delays are at a moderate delay,and some college students' academic delays have reached a serious delay.There is a significant negative correlation between future time insight and academic delay.There is a significant negative correlation between academic delay satisfaction and academic delay.Academic delays play a part in mediating between future time insight and academic delay,and comprehend social support.The relationship between academic delay satisfaction and academic procrastination has a significant negative adjustment effect,which enhances the negative impact of academic delay on academic delay.In addition,the paper also analyzes the influence of college students' gender,grade,major,student origin,whether they are only children,whether they are student cadres andwhether they are in love for their future time insight,academic delay and academic delay.Based on this paper,the following suggestions are proposed: from the perspective of improving future time insights,the behaviors of academic procrastination are reduced.Specific measures include: enhancing students' awareness of purpose,helping college students to establish positive academic goals;clarifying future images and encouraging college students to formulate appropriate development plans;Improve behavioral commitments and guide college students to master the strategies and skills of time management.Starting from improving the ability of academic delay to meet,the students' academic delays are reduced.Specific measures include: helping students to conduct effective future exploration;conducting effective self-control training to improve the ability to delay satisfaction.In addition,we must pay attention to comprehending the influence of social support on college students,and improve students' understanding and support from family,friends and others.The innovations of this paper are as follows: Firstly,based on the theory of planned behavior,self-control theory and social sentiment choice theory,the model of future time insight,academic delay satisfaction and academic procrastination mediation is constructed,and the understanding of social support is added as adjustment and enrichment.Secondly,based on the results of statistical analysis,the paper puts forward suggestions for reducing the behavior of college students' academic procrastination,and provides effective reference for college students' psychological education and academic management.
Keywords/Search Tags:College students, Future Time Perspective, Academic delay of gratification, Academic procrastination
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