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A Study On The Relationship Among Future Time Perception,Academic Delay Of Gratification And Academic Procrastination Of Tourism Management Undergraduates

Posted on:2022-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,most students are faced with the problem of academic procrastination in their study,and some undergraduate students majoring in tourism Management are also troubled by procrastination.In the short term,academic procrastination will reduce students' learning efficiency and academic performance,and in the long term,it will also affect their employment and future development.Through the analysis of relevant scholars' research,it is found that the procrastinators are relatively poor in recognizing and using time and delaying gratification.By training the procrastinators' insight into future time and ability of delaying gratification,the situation of academic procrastination can be effectively reduced.Therefore,based on the collation and analysis of relevant literature,combined with possible self theory,social emotional choice theory,time motivation theory and self-regulation theory,this study uses the questionnaire method to investigate the current situation of future time perception,academic delay of gratification and academic delay of undergraduates majoring in tourism management,and constructs a hypothetical model between the three,Through empirical analysis to verify the relationship between the variables,the study found that:(1)More than 50% of the undergraduates of tourism management major have academic procrastination of medium degree or above;(2)Future time perception has a positive impact on academic delay of gratification;(3)Future time perception has a negative impact on academic procrastination;(4)Academic delay of gratification has a negative impact on academic procrastination;(5)Academic delay of gratification has a partial mediating effect between future time perception and academic delay.The above research conclusions have enlightening significance for solving the problem of academic procrastination.The author sets four stages of coping strategies for effectively solving the problem of academic procrastination: goal setting,plan making,putting into action and dynamic feedback,which are as follows:(1)Improve students' cognition and emotion of future goals and set reasonable and feasible goals;(2)Guide students to think about problems according to priorities and formulate implementation plans that fit the objectives;(3)Urge students to strictly implement the plan and take action to achieve their goals;(4)Help students make self feedback and dynamic adjustment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tourism management major, future time perception, academic delay of gratification, academic procrastination
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