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A Study On The Relationship Between Junior High School Students' Future Time Insight, Academic Delayed Gratification And Academic Performance

Posted on:2020-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330578478160Subject:Mental health education
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Junior high school students are at the critical stage of dream building,dream chasing and dream realizing.They have begun to imagine the future and try to plan their future study and life.Future time perspective(FTP)refers to an individual's cognitive attitude and behavioral tendency towards future conditions,so the study on FTP will help junior high students plan their future more effectively and reasonably.Meanwhile,due to the rapid development of the societies,junior high students are facing increasingly severe challenges.Students need to participate in abundant campus activities,grasp the ever-changing current events and effectively manage their learning life.That is to say,in academic scenes,students can insist on completing their academic tasks in order to achieve their long-term academic goals,and voluntarily give up the immediate satisfaction and reward,as well as the self-control they've shown,that is,academic delay of gratification(ADOG).The students with better FTP have stronger self-control in academic scenes,so their academic achievement is relatively satisfying.For junior high students,learning is their main task.The purpose of this study is to find out the non-intellectual factors that help junior high students to improve their academic achievement,and to provide some theoretical basis and data support for subject teaching and school mental health work.630 subjects from 21 classes in Grade 7 to 9 of a private junior high in Nanjing have been surveyed in this study.FTP and ADOG questionnaires for junior high students have been adopted for collective measurement.Descriptive analysis,mean comparison and correlation analysis of the data were carried out by SPSS25.0.Through the questionnaire data analysis,the main conclusions are as follows:There is no difference between male and female junior high students in FTP and ADOG;Junior high students in three different grades have significant differences in FTP and ADOG;A significant correlation has been found among FTP in all dimensions,ADOG and academic achievement of junior high students.Therefore,we can promote the improvement of academic achievement by cultivating students' future time perspective and improving their academic delay of gratification ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Future time perspective(FTP), Academic delay of gratification(ADOG), Academic achievement
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