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A Theoretical Study On Training Load

Posted on:2020-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N J JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330575470508Subject:Physical Education and Training
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As one of the most active factors in the process of modern sports training,training load plays a vital role in athletes' competitive ability and performance.However,looking at the current training theory and practice,there is a lack of systematic and in-depth study on the basic theoretical issues of load.There are some problems,such as unclear definition of the connotation and extension of training load,and the establishment of load evaluation index system.Therefore,This study intends to systematically sort out the concept,structure,function and evaluation index of training load by using scientific research methods such as literature,observation,expert interview and logical analysis.In order to enrich the theory and method of sports load,and provide reference and enlightenment for training practice,this paper draws lessons from and absorbs the latest research results of sports load at home and abroad,defines the connotation and extension of load,optimizes the load evaluation system.The main conclusions are as follows:(1)There is much controversy between the theoretical and practical circles on the understanding of the essence of exercise load.The main points of view are workload,reaction,stimulation,etc.There are confusion of concepts and unclear meanings among various understandings.Considering the connotation and extension of exercise load and the need of training practice,this study considers that the essence of exercise load is workload.(2)At present,there are some problems in the classification of sports load,such as unscientific classification criteria and incomplete classification.According to the criteria of load generation,load intensity,duration of load action and time structure of training process,load can be divided into training load,competition load,acute load and chronic load.In addition,it is suggested that the terms "physiological effect" and "psychological effect" should be used instead of the terms "physiological load" and "psychological load" in theoretical research and practical application.(3)The load volume is a kind of quantity,that is,the quantity that the athlete completes the exercise in the training process,and the load intensity is a kind of degree,that is,the athlete pays the best effort in the training process.Both of them are an important part of training load,there is no primary and secondary,leaving either side can not be its training load.(4)The evaluation of training load should be carried out from two aspects,one is to measure the dose of load through some training indexes,the other is to evaluate the effect after load through some physiological,biochemical and psychological indexes.The former reflects the measurement of load and is the basis and premise of evaluating training load,while the latter reflects the suitability of the body to load and is an important means and method to evaluate training load.The main suggestions of the study are as follows:(1)There are still many unsolved mysteries about the mechanism of improving human motor ability under the action of training load,on the basis of examining and criticizing the "adaptation theory" and "excess recovery theory".The mechanism of training load should be further studied by combining genetic factors,acquired training,psychological and physiological effects after load stimulation,energy metabolism and so on.(2)To further study the relationship between acute load and chronic load ratio and sports injuries in individual endurance and skill projects,and to recommend the design of randomized controlled trials.Study the incubation period of increased injury risk after a sharp change in load(the period between the beginning and the end of the damage risk).(3)In the actual load evaluation,it is suggested that the digital software and platform,such as omegawave competitive state diagnosis system and firstbeat,smartbase big data management platform,should be used to monitor the functional state of athletes in an all-round way.
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