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Research On The Impact Of Regional University Alliance On Student Development

Posted on:2020-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330578451982Subject:Higher Education
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Driven by popularization of higher education and the wave of internationalization,regional colleges and universities have become a new form of cooperation and competition among universities.Regional colleges and universities can use their geographical advantages to optimize the allocation of educational resources and ultimately realize the sharing of benefits.The comprehensive strength of running a school to improve the existing university's layout structure is not reasonable,and the input and output effectiveness is low.At the same time,the resource sharing after the establishment of the university alliance is not only at the level of schools and teachers,students should be the biggest benefit.Therefore,the college alliance achieves the goal of promoting student development through the cooperation of various colleges and universities in different fields.However,from the development status of China's regional colleges and universities,the operating system and management methods of the alliance are still immature,and the promotion of the alliance to the development of students has not yet been fully realized,and the effect of the alliance is still not satisfactory.This study examines and describes the formation process and development status of regional college alliances,the influence of regional college alliances on student development,and analyzes its existing problems,trying to put forward some countermeasures and suggestions for its development and improvement.By combing and analyzing the literature,the concept,types and research status of regional college alliances,student development and students'academic development are expounded.Based on clarifying the influence of regional colleges and universities on student development,the basic research design is proposed.Then the basic analysis framework of this research is constructed through niche theory,demand hierarchy theory and college students'development theory.In the study,the interview method was used to investigate the students of 23 colleges and universities in nine regions of China.It was concluded that,on a national scale,the positive promotion effect of regional college alliances on student development needs to be improved.It is not difficult to find that the regional colleges and universities nationwide have the following problems in promoting the development of students:insufficient attention,failure to provide a broader platform for student development;poor management,affecting students'use of shared resources and participation Enthusiasm;it has little effect on.the development of students' development;it can't meet the needs of students' further development of social communication ability;propaganda and explanation are not in place,students are not aware of the role of regional colleges and universities in their development;website construction is immature,lack of centralization Management and professional services for student websites.On the basis of a general inquiry of regional colleges and universities across the country,we selected a relatively important regional college alliance in China,the Wuhan Seven Schools Alliance,as a case to try to compare its development,effectiveness,and student development.On the basis of detailed description,the problem is analyzed and the following conclusions are drawn:the influence is small,and the students'employment in the future is very little;the curriculum is not reasonable enough to meet the needs of students' cognitive development;there are few practical opportunities.The students' practical ability to operate is not expanded;The communication between teachers and students,students and students is lack,and the development of students'interpersonal relationships is hindered.Through investigation and research,the successful experience is mainly as follows:Many of relevant policies,laws,regulations has been introduced by government,those promote the orderly development of alliance cooperation;the university has a large autonomy in running schools,which ensures the enthusiasm of cooperation among universities;the various levels of student development Students are rewarded with different levels of improvement;students'physical and mental health development,emotional adjustment ability is gradually improved,and students'social development is satisfied.These experiences establish and improve regional college alliances in other regions of China and promote students'development reasonably and effectively.There is a certain revelation and meaning.After clarifying the problems and obstacles of the regional colleges and universities in promoting the positive development of students,this study proposes the following four aspects of the strategy:the government should provide good policy norms and financial support for student development;Student development creates a full range of positive promotion conditions;society should provide guarantees for students' practical platforms;teachers and students should make maximum use of their educational resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional college alliance, student development, influence, problem, strategy
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