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Evaluation Of Employment Quality Of Private College Graduates

Posted on:2019-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330596466510Subject:Business Administration
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The report of the 19 th CPC national congress clearly points out that employment is China's largest livelihood.We should adhere to the strategy of giving top priority to employment and the policy of active employment,promote multi-channel employment for college graduates,and strive to achieve higher quality and full employment for college graduates.As a fresh force and successor of national modernization,college students' employment is not only a personal issue,but also a social development issue.The employment of college students not only concerns the practical interests of each student and his family,but also is closely related to the modernization of the country and the harmony and stability of social development.Therefore,the employment of college students has become one of the key issues of social concern.However,with the popular development of higher education,the difficulty of employment and the quality of employment have become more and more hot issues of social concern.Especially,the problem of "difficult employment and difficult employment" of private college graduates is more prominent than that of public universities.Therefore,how to improve the employment quality of private college graduates has become an important issue urgently concerned by private colleges and the society.Based on the comprehensive analysis of the current employment quality of private university graduates,this paper determines the employment quality index of private university graduates through Delphi method,calculates the index weight by ahp,and compiles the employment quality assessment table.Taking xi 'an translation college as the object for empirical analysis,this paper mainly analyzes the individual factors affecting the employment quality of private university graduates from the perspective of human capital investment,and then further proposes the improvement measures for the employment quality of private university graduates.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private college graduates, Employment quality, Factors influencing, Countermeasures and Suggestions
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