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A Study On The Influencing Factors Of College Graduates' Employment Quality

Posted on:2019-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330542473433Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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With the development of economic globalization and the implementation of talent competition strategy,China's higher education from "elite education" to "mass education".College graduates "employment rate" has been the focus of attention of all sectors of society.With the increase in the "rate" of the employment rate,the improvement of "quality" is imminent.In recent years,"improving the quality of employment" has been treated as an important government work.As society's attention to the quality of employment has gradually increased,The research is also increasingly rich.The quality of college graduates' employment is an important indicator of the quality of university personnel training.It is important to study the quality of employment of college graduates and their influencing factors.This paper studies the factors that affect the quality of employment of college students from the perspective of human capital and social capital.Through a large number of literatures and on the basis of previous studies,we choose the appropriate indicators of employment quality,human capital indicators and social capital indicators,and then design the questionnaire about the quality of employment.The bivariate correlation analysis of human capital variables and employment quality variables,social capital variables and employment quality variables in the collection of 543 questionnaires,mainly through the chi-square test and interactive table.And then through the establishment of Logistic regression model for multivariate analysis,and finally draw the following conclusions: college graduates of the academic level,scholarships,professional categories,gender and skills certificates and other human capital on the quality of employment has a significant impact;The social capital of college graduates has a significant impact on the quality of employment,such as family social status,family location,large-scale competition experience and internship experience;Generally speaking,compared with social capital,human capital has a more significant impact on the quality of employment of college students,human capital is the main competitive factor in the employment market of college students in China.Finally,the following recommendations from the results :(1)Human capital.Students should earnestly study the professional knowledge,do not blindly obtain the skills certificate,cultivate the ability of language expression,communication and other aspects of the ability to actively do the accumulation of human capital;Students should establish a correct view of employment and appropriate employment expectations to prevent the negative role of human capital.The government should increase the investment in education to encourage colleges to introduce domestic and foreign disciplines of scientific research teaching,so that students learn more advanced theoretical knowledge and get the accumulation of human capital.Enterprises can be properly involved in the establishment of professional courses in colleges so that students can learn the curriculum knowledge that can be effectively applied to the profession.Schools should focus on the ability to develop students' skills,not just learning.(2)Social capital.Students should actively serve as student union cadres,participate in competitions,work practice and social practice activities,pay attention to interpersonal communication.The government should strengthen the employment public information network construction in order to avoid the negative function of social capital,and create a fair atmosphere of employment competition.Enterprises should eliminate the employment discrimination and obstacles,and establish the scientific employment mechanism.Schools should pay attention to students' internships and provide internship opportunities for students who do not have family background and social relationships as a social intermediary between students and businesses.
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