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A Study On The Enhancement Of Teachers' Affinity In Ideological And Political Courses In High Schools

Posted on:2021-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The issue of the affinity of the ideological and political class is a problem that has been discussed in the academic circles.The high school ideological and political class must complete the fundamental task of "building a man with morality".It should be included in the reform and innovation of the future ideological and political course.Curriculum is a whole concept.In general,the affinity is mostly the affinity of ideological and political lessons on the macro level,that is,the overall affinity or a kind of synergy,which has a certain degree of abstraction and generality.However,the understanding of the affinity of ideological and political lessons must be grasped from the elements.The improvement of the affinity of the subject,object,mediator,and circle of the course implementation is the basis and prerequisite for enhancing the affinity of the curriculum.Among the many elements,the enhancement of the affinity of the subject,that is,the teacher of ideological and political lessons,is the most critical and core part,and it plays a role of integrating and coordinating the affinity of other elements.The issue of teacher affinity enhancement is intended to be an important preparation for curriculum affinity enhancement.It is mainly divided into four parts:The first part:Introduction.The introduction introduces the background and significance of the research on the issue of the affinity of teachers of ideology and politics in high school.It summarizes the current research status,summarizes the research ideas and methods,and summarizes the innovations and shortcomings of this research.The second part:Defines and analyzes the related concepts in this article,and summarizes the characteristics and constituent elements of the affinity of teachers of ideological and political courses in high school.On this basis,the significance of enhancing the affinity of ideological and political teachers in high school is proposed:firstly,it is conducive to cultivating students' core academic literacy;secondly,it is conducive to promoting the professional development of ideological and political class teachers;finally,it is conducive to enhancing the Teaching effectiveness.The third part:Take the practice school as an example to investigate the current situation of the affinity of ideological and political teachers.Although the current affinity of teachers in ideological and prolitical classes has achieved certain results,there are still some problems,such as insufficient theoretical persuasion,weak teaching attractiveness,insufficient teachers' influence on students,and insufficient personality influence Wait.The main reasons for the problems include lack of teachers' understanding of affinity,teachers' lack of timely explanation of students' doubts,teachers' lack of research and understanding of students,and teachers' relatively lack of humane feelings.The fourth part:Based on the investigation and analysis of the causes of the teacher's affinity,it puts forward the countermeasures to enhance the teachers' affinity in the ideological and political course.First,teachers must change their ideas and establish the premise of increasing affinity;second,teachers must do a good job of explaining doubts and improve the persuasiveness of the theory;then,teachers must respond to students' expectations and increase the attractiveness of teaching;finally,teachers must show humanistic feelings Enhance emotional appeal.
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