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A Study Of Improving Teachers' Affinity In Ideological And Political Courses In Senior Middle Schools

Posted on:2021-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In December 2016,General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the National College Ideological and Political Work Conference: "To improve the affinity of ideological and political education and meet the needs and expectations of students' growth and development"(1)In March 2019,Xi Jinping once again emphasized at the teachers 'symposium on ideological and political theory in the school that to promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political theory,we must continuously strengthen its ideology,theory,pertinence,and affinity.Xi Jinping also proposed that the key to running ideological and political theory courses lies in teachers.The key is to give play to teachers' enthusiasm,initiative,and creativity.Teachers in ideological and political courses lay seeds of truth,kindness,and beauty for students,and guide students to buckle the first button of life.Positive,personality is attractive.Only by being able to believe in it can you be a teacher.We must have a dignified personality,infect students with noble personalities,win students,use the power of truth to motivate students,win students with deep theoretical knowledge,and consciously act as a model for learning and be a student favorite.This series of instructions shows that the party and the state not only put forward new requirements for ideological and political education work,but also mark that improving the affinity of ideological and political education has become a task worthy of great attention.There is another important reason to study the teachers ' affinity improvement in the ideological and political course in high school.My major is a normal ideological and political education.After learning and practice,I also deeply perceive the importance of the affinity of teachers.I hope that I can take the political course as a student.Favorite lessons,molding themselves into students 'favorite teachers,and studying the countermeasures of high school ideological and political teachers' affinity,is conducive to their professional development.This thesis takes the theoretical analysis of teacher affinity and the teaching realization of teacher affinity as the core issues of research.The topic research and thesis writing are carried out from the following three parts:The first chapter is the basic theoretical analysis part of this research.It mainly discusses the theory from four dimensions.First,it focuses on the core concepts of affinity for teachers of ideological and political classes in high schools,that is,the basic interpretation of affinity,teacher affinity,and teachers' affinities of ideological and political classes.Based on an overview of related core concepts,it advances the affinity of teachers of ideological and political classes in high schools.Three aspects of characteristics.then,put forward the basic composition of the affinity of teachers of ideological and political lessons.and finally,analyze the functional effects of affinity of teachers of ideological and political lessons from four perspectives.Through the analysis of related theories in Chapter 1,the theoretical support of the research was obtained.In Chapter 2,empirical research was conducted through the questionnaire method and observation method.Based on the investigation and observation,it was found that the teacher ' s affinity performance in the ideological and political courses was insufficient.Personal charisma of teachers 'personal political beliefs and professional ideals are not obvious,teachers' care for students is not sufficiently reflected,subject expertise and comprehensive talents are not fully displayed,image qualities are not attractive and appealing,classroom atmosphere is rigid,teaching effects The five aspects are unsatisfactory.The reasons are considered from three perspectives.From the perspective of the school system,the lack of institutional guarantees to cultivate teacher affinity.From the perspective of teachers,it is concluded that the teachers' own educational concepts and comprehensive literacy are insufficient.Synergy of affinity enhancement.The third chapter is mainly based on the theoretical basis of Chapter 1 and the empirical research in Chapter 2.Based on the current manifestations and reasons of the lack of affinity of teachers in ideological and political courses,it states that there are three aspects to improve the affinity of teachers in ideological and political courses in high schools.That is,the school perfects the scientific affinity guarantee system,teachers establish an affinity education concept and develop affinity comprehensive literacy,society creates an affinity education environment,and injects synergy for the improvement of teacher affinity.In summary,based on the instructions of the party and the state and its own preliminary teaching research and practical accumulation,it has carried out tentative research on the improvement of the affinity of teachers of ideological and political courses in high schools,in order to achieve the ideal goal of achieving ideological and political lessons.
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