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Study On The Reform And Perfection Of Student Management System In Universities From The Student-oriented Perspective

Posted on:2020-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330605968608Subject:Higher Education
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The people-oriented theory is the core of Scientific Outlook on Development.Meanwhile,student-oriented theory is the practice and application of people-oriented theory in education management.Since the founding of New China,our higher education management system has gone through the stages of exploration,start-up,stagnation,recovery and prosperity.The implementation of Provisions on the Administration of University Students in 1990 marks the beginning of the gradual standardization and the prosperity stage of the student management system construction.Taking the regulations on student management in universities from 1990 to now as the research object and basing on the student-oriented conception,this study expounds the evolution process of the university student management system from three parts: the background knowledge,text analysis,the aspects of the system text.Firstly,student's learning is the main content during the period of institutional reform from 1990 to 2005,which is mainly embodied in managing student's information,correcting student's learning attitude,creating a learning atmosphere,determining rewards and punishments about learning.Secondly,the promotion of student development is the key content during the period of quality construction from 2006 to 2014,which reflects in reinforcement learning,independence development and social participation.Thirdly,the improvement of students' individuality is crucial during the period of innovation and inclusive development from 2015 to now,which sets up high moral values establishment and people cultivation as the fundamental task of education,training student's fairness and justice,honesty,law-abiding,practice.The basic characteristics and experience of the student management system can be explored by comprehensively reviewing the evolution of the student management system since the founding of New China.The basic characteristics are mainly shown in the following three aspects: value orientation,from social-oriented to the harmony student-oriented and social-oriented transformation;system construction,from fragmentation to systematization and legalization;management mode,the transformationof government functions from centralization to decentralization.The main basis of system evolution is the change of production mode,the policy guidance of the Party and the state,and the dynamic change of student groups.Based on the concept of student-oriented,college should refine the evolution criteria,add the kinds of rewards,encourage all members of college to participate in selection and establish a supervision mechanism in the practice of student award and superior evolution management system.
Keywords/Search Tags:student-oriented theory, ordinary universities, student management system, Provisions on the Administration of University Students
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