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College Student Management System Science Perspective Study

Posted on:2012-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330335480045Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Social science is one which takes social phenomena as its researching object, whose task is to study and explain various social phenomenon and their development laws, while natural science is one which takes forms, structures, natures and motion laws of matters in nature. The difference between the two is obvious. Under the influence of ideological trend of contemporary interdisciplinary, social science is trying, with the basic principles of natural science as the supposed precondition, following the logical procedure of reasoning, argumentation and operation, to avoid the contingency of social and historical phenomenon and have social science operated in the ways of nature science, so as to make its conclusions even more reasonable. This thesis is intended, by using the self-organization theory represented by the dissipative structure theory and the synergy theory in the systems theory, to make a systematic research of the student-managing code in the university in order to inaugurate a new approach.As is known, the traditional university student-managing code is the typical hierarchical management, while the hierarchical management essentially belongs to the linear mode of thinking. Though the linear management also can bring temporal stability and harmony, it severely depresses the activity and creativity of the managers and students and prevents the system from turning into a moving, effective and orderly state. Besides, since, on concrete operating aspects, the university student-managing work is usually prescriptive——what they say goes, it is short of the attention to the needs of the society and the markets, lacking of feedback from out of management levels. It is this lack of non-linear feedback that it causes bifurcation buckling and cannot generate a systematic integer effect with connected functions decreasing. Therefore, we have to avoid getting the expected result by force and surrendering ourselves, not using a heavy hand, not using an invisible one, but introducing the non-linear mechanism. Only by introducing the non-linear mechanism, establishing the ascendancy of positive feedback, fitting for human instinct desire and fully exerting initiative subjective, can we hope to see the critical bulking and hierarchy emergency of the university student-managing system, and can we hope to see the appearance of a new ordered structure.As indicated in the fact, the student-managing work in the university is a complex systems engineering, which has the characteristics and isomorphism of a general system, and is represented as the consistency in the existing code and moving mechanism, namely to follow the same laws of a common system. Therefore, in order to have the university student-managing system optimized, it is necessary that we should renovate our idea, reform the system so that we can turn from understanding to dealing and from opposing to interacting, and, by using a gently-forward-pushing hand, establish a suitable structure which is inclined to be good for the growth and emergence of self-organization so as to fully use the open, unbalanced, non-linear and stochastic-fluctuation characteristics to find the instinct mechanism which can cause the system to evolve from disorder to order, from low order to high order. By this, the whole student- managing work is sure to have a new change, the student-managing system is sure to promote self-organizations to evolve to order, and more high-diathesis creative talents will be cultivated for the country.
Keywords/Search Tags:university student management, systems theory, dissipative structure, synergy theory, evolvement of self-organization
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