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Research On The Role Of Future Time Perspective,Self-esteem And Self-efficacy In Career Decision Making Of Senior High School Student

Posted on:2021-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330620961555Subject:Mental health education
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Career choice,or choice of major,is the most important decision high school students face after the college entrance examination.When it comes to making career decisions,everyone experiences a lot of uncertainty or anxiety,and faces different levels of difficulty.Understanding one's own psychological development level and making corresponding career planning can effectively reduce anxiety or difficulties in making career decisions and make better decisions.Career maturity and career anxiety are two important topics in the study of occupational psychology.There are relatively few researches on the career maturity and career anxiety of high school students in China.However,high school students are in an important stage of life,and many personality characteristics are in an important reshaping or forming stage.In-depth understanding of high school students' career maturity and career anxiety status,characteristics and influencing factors is conducive to the development of high school students' career maturity,reduce career anxiety,so as to smoothly choose majors and universities,without providing effective advice for high school career awakening education.This research mainly focuses on the career maturity and career anxiety of high school students.Based on the review of relevant literature at home and abroad,this study puts forward relevant hypotheses 300 high school students as subjects,which is in Xingtai,using questionnaire method,using the future time perspective scale,self-esteem scale,the career decision-making self-efficacy scale,the career maturity inventory anxiety scale,using SPSS software and Amos program for data analysis,the main conclusion.(1)the future time insight,career decision-making self-efficacy and career maturity of senior high school students are all at the middle and upper levels,while the self-esteem of senior high school students is at the middle level and the anxiety of choosing a career is at the middle and lower levels;(2)future time insight can significantly predict career decision-making self-efficacy,and career decision-making self-efficacy can significantly predict career maturity;(3)the direct effect of future time insight on career maturity is not very obvious,but the self-efficacy of career decision plays a completely mediating role in the relationship between future time insight and career maturity;(4)self-esteem significantly affects career anxiety,and the two show a significant negative correlation;(5)career decision-making self-efficacy significantly affects career anxiety,and the two have a significant negative correlation;(6)the mediating effect of career decision-making self-efficacy on self-esteem and career choice anxiety is not significant;(7)career decision-making self-efficacy plays a part in mediating the relationship between self-esteem and career maturity.
Keywords/Search Tags:High school students, Future time perspective, Self-esteem, Career decision-making self-efficacy, Career maturity, Career choosing anxiety
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