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An Intervention Study On College Students' Career Decision-making Self-efficacy From The Perspective Of Advantages

Posted on:2021-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330623981484Subject:Master of Social Work
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With personality and development gradually becoming group characteristics of contemporary youth,college students have also begun to become so-called "Buddhas" and individual walkers,confused and struggling in the process of career decision-making and career developing.Although schools and society are working hard to help college students to make career decisions through different channels,due to the lack of systematic professional skills and other diversified reasons,effective guidance for college students' career development is far from insufficient.From the existing related research,the scholars mainly pay attention to the conceptual content like concepts,models,behaviors and influencing factors of college students' career development.There are little research trying to seek feasibility paths of career counseling,but only a few suggestions from the angel of platform,subject,and pedagogy,which are still difficult to be practiced and promoted.Therefore,from the perspective of social work,this study selected the decision-making self-efficacy as the starting point,conducted a questionnaire survey on E university to find out the group's main demands of decision-making and career development,completed some semi-structured interviews with the sponsor and members of the “Plus +” project to learn some successful career development experiences,integrated the social cognitive career theory model and advantage perspective to design,implement and evaluate the intervention study of “College Student CDSE Promoting Group”.The analysis of group intervention results in this study found that,based on the concept dimension of career decision-making self-efficacy,the social work professional group intervention of college students can significantly promote the overall improvement of individual career decision-making self-efficacy.Among them,the four dimensions of self-evaluation,information collecting,career planning andproblem solving have significant changes after the intervention,and the problem-solving dimension is the most significant one;but the target selecting dimension shows no significant differences after the intervention,and changes will also occur without intervention.Finally,this study extracts two intervention paths of college students' career decision-making and career development from the perspectives of individual and system,which further reflects the empirical and practical significance of this study.Among them,the individual intervention path is a social work group intervention activity plan designed by operationalizing the conceptual dimension of career decision-making self-efficiency,also combining with social cognition career theory and advantage perspective;the systematic intervention is to build a systematical method to help college students developing their career from the perspective of resource integration and utilization,according to the career guidance system of society,school and college students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Career decision-making self-efficacy, career development, advantage perspective, social cognitive career theory
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