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Investigation And Research Of Senior One Students' Higher Order Thinking Ability In Mathematics

Posted on:2021-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the changes of the social industry structure,today's highly globalized and information-oriented,low-level thinking ability based on factual knowledge learning,superficial understanding,and near-migration applications is no longer satisfying the development needs of modern society.Therefore,our eyes should focus on higher-level cognitive abilities such as analysis,decision-making,and critical thinking,that is,the cultivation and development of higher-order thinking abilities.Mathematics is the science of thinking,and mathematics education has always upheld the concept of ‘developing people's thinking.' Therefore,cultivating and improving students' higher-order thinking ability is already the focus of our current mathematics education.China's research on higher-order thinking has been increasing year by year,but there is less research on students' higher-order thinking in mathematics.Therefore,the research is based on Bloom's educational goal classification theory,and attempts to test the mathematics higher-order thinking ability of first-year students.First,the study defines high-order thinking based on Bloom's cognitive goal taxonomy,and concludes The composition of advanced mathematics thinking ability: application ability,analysis ability,comprehensive ability,evaluation ability and creative ability are five first-level indicators.Secondly,the study combined the knowledge of high school mathematics disciplines and the evaluation indicators of high-order thinking ability,compiled a student‘mathematics high-order thinking ability test paper',tested 244 high school students,and then understood the high school mathematics high-order thinking ability.The current status of development;investigation of the mathematics learning situation of 72 senior high school students,and the mathematics teaching situation of 65 high school mathematics teachers,and analysis of the influencing factors of the development of students' higher-order mathematical ability.Finally,according to the results of the survey and guided by relevant teaching theories,suggestions are raised for cultivating and improving students' higher-order mathematical ability in mathematics teaching.Based on the statistics and analysis of the research data,the following conclusions are mainly drawn:Firstly,the overall performance of senior high school students' mathematics advanced thinking ability is at the middle or lower level.The development of each level of indicators from good to poor is:analysis ability> application ability> comprehensive ability> evaluation ability> creative ability.Secondly,From the perspective of gender,girls' high-level thinking ability in mathematics is slightly better than boys',but there is no significant difference in the overall development level between the two.From the class level,there are significant differences between the experimental class and the parallel class,and between the key class and the parallel class in the development level of mathematics high-level thinking ability.From the perspective of regional differences,there is no significant difference in the development of students' higher-level thinking ability in two schools of the same level.There is a significant positive correlation between the development level of students' high-level thinking ability and their academic performance.Thirdly,It puts forward some suggestions for the cultivation of higher-order thinking ability of middle school students in Mathematics Teaching:(1)to renew teachers' teaching view and students' learning view;(2)to create an environment conducive to students' high-level learning;(3)to design high-level activities for students' high-level learning;(4)to evaluate the continuity.
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