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Research On The Teaching Reform And System Guarantee Of Undergraduate Education

Posted on:2021-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330623970767Subject:Higher Education
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With the open development of normal education in our country,the continuous expansion of the enrollment scale of normal colleges and universities,the phenomenon of oversupply in the talent market,the employment rate of graduates of education majors has decreased year by year,resulting in public concerns about the prospects for the development of education majors There is insufficient confidence in the quality of personnel training in education.The promulgation and implementation of pedagogical teaching quality standards and teacher education professional certification standards have put forward higher requirements for the training and professional development of undergraduate education professionals.The teaching and system guarantee of pedagogy majors are an important support for the development of pedagogy majors.It is particularly important to study the training objectives,curriculum system,teaching methods,and institutional guarantee of its professional talents.This research comprehensively uses a variety of research methods to conduct in-depth research on the status quo and satisfaction of undergraduate pedagogy major courses,and to examine the implementation of the guarantee system.First of all,a literature analysis is performed on the collected relevant data,and the policy basis and practical needs of the topic selected in this research are summarized and elaborated.At the same time,the core concepts are defined to provide research ideas and a writing framework for the article.Secondly,the interview method and questionnaire survey method were used to conduct an in-depth investigation on the satisfaction and current status of the undergraduate pedagogy majors' teaching and system guarantee in two universities in Liaoning Province,with a view to providing a feasible optimization strategy for the sustainable development of undergraduate pedagogy majors in China.Then,the relevant policy basis of undergraduate pedagogy courses teaching and system security is researched,and the text analysis method is used to start from the structural framework,content arrangement and characteristics,and analyze in detail the relevant policies that affect its curriculum teaching reform and system security.Describe the impact of pedagogy courses and system security at different levels.The research finds that the undergraduate education major hasproblems such as high positioning of talent training goals,professional curriculum structure to be adjusted,practical curriculum content and form to be improved,teaching methods to be updated,and inadequate implementation of the guarantee system.Finally,the research starts from the theoretical level and the practical level,and according to the current situation of undergraduate education major curriculum teaching and system guarantee,according to practical problems,proposes the optimization strategy of undergraduate education major curriculum teaching reform and system guarantee,and draws the following conclusions: first,The training of pedagogic professionals should highlight professional characteristics and involve stakeholders in the formulation of the collaboration;second,enrich and improve the curriculum system,ensure the effectiveness of the practical curriculum and appropriately increase the status of innovative and entrepreneurial practices in the overall curriculum;third,in the " In the era of "Internet +",modern teaching methods are used together to innovate teaching methods combining online education and offline education.Fourth,improve the process assessment system and add a cross-academic joint training system.Fifth,clarify the responsibilities of teachers in the mentoring system,improve and promote the system of professors' laboratories,and truly play the guarantee role of the learning service system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undergraduate education major, curriculum teaching reform, system guarantee, Talent training quality
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