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Study On The System Guarantee For The Quality Of Undergraduate Talent Cultivation In American Research Universities

Posted on:2019-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330542486592Subject:Higher Education
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Talent cultivation is the most important task of higher education institutions.In the era of popularization of higher education,the quality of personnel training is getting more and more attention.Especially in recent years,China's popularization of higher education has entered into the depth of the stage,various universities in the development of the scale at the same time,it is difficult to guarantee the quality of talent cultivation of give attention to two or more things,this has become a worrying problem for China's higher education field.All colleges and universities are trying to explore a system of system guarantee for the quality of talent cultivation suitable for local development.The American research universities are models of world-class universities and pillars of advanced education and scientific research in the United States.If the American research universities are developed on the basis of the strong national economic foundation,the research universities will also be able to give back to the country's sophisticated talents and the advanced technology of the world.American research universities have thrived in the United States,and American research universities have made the United States stronger and stronger.The reason why American research universities cultivate a number of world-class legends is that the idea of quality in the United States runs through the whole higher education system,and establishes a relatively reasonable,perfect and regular system to ensure the quality of talent cultivation.American pragmatism,aware of paying too much attention to research and neglect of undergraduate education,thus affecting the quality of personnel training,and constantly innovation of undergraduate talents cultivation mode,establish system of system security,the education in American research universities to students around the world aspire.This study sorts out and analyzes the institutional guarantee for the quality of undergraduate talent cultivation in American research universities,and provides ideas for the establishment of an institutional guarantee system for the quality of undergraduate talent cultivation in Chinese universities.The first chapter is the introduction,which explains the background and significance of this research.Through searching and collecting a large number of literature materials,we will make a literature review on this research,and put forward the definition of related concepts,and clarify the research questions and methods.The second chapter,this paper introduces important theory affecting the quality of higher education in the United States continue to improve,Total Quality Management,its implementation in the American research universities and to ensure quality of undergraduate talents cultivation to provide new ideas and new methods.The third chapter,combing and analyzing the internal institutional guarantee of the quality of undergraduate talent cultivation in American research universities,is mainly elaborated from the three links of input,training and output.Through undergraduate admission system,teachers' employment and management system guarantee the quality of input links.The quality of training links is guaranteed through curriculum setting and training.Through academic performance evaluation,academic integrity,academic standards and degree awarding system to guarantee the quality of output links.Analyze the system of each link to guarantee the quality of undergraduate talent cultivation.The fourth chapter,combing and analysis of the personnel training quality in American research universities external institutional guarantee,based on the academic certification and social evaluation and the government's macroeconomic regulation and control in detail,analyses the three layers of the role of external institutional guarantee.The fifth chapter,through the above research,summarizes the internal and external experience of the institutional guarantee of the quality of undergraduate training in American research universities.The first is to learn from the concept of higher education in the United States and change the quality of higher education in our country.On the basis of transforming the concept of education,improving the university system,establishing a healthy competition mechanism,and supporting non-government agencies to assess the three aspects of China's research-oriented university undergraduate talent cultivation quality system to provide methods.
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