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A Study On The Influencing Factors Of College Students' Employment Quality From The Perspective Of Three-Dimensional Capital

Posted on:2021-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330623972879Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In recent years,the enrollment expansion of universities has increased year by year,and the past "elite education" is changing to "mass education".At this time,the education quality of higher education has become a general concern of the whole society.The quality of employment is not only an important indicator of the quality of higher education,but also has an important impact on the employment of college students.What are the main factors affecting the quality of employment,and how to improve the quality of employment? This article attempts to explore it.At present,some scholars have theoretically explored the factors that affect the employment quality of college students,but most of them are from a macro perspective or are limited to the influence of a single variable,and lack comprehensive thinking from different perspectives.On the basis of previous scholars 'research,this paper starts from the individual human capital,social capital and psychological capital of college students as the research entry point,constructs a model of the impact mechanism of college students' three-dimensional capital on employment quality,and proposes reasonable assumptions.Taking 350 university graduates in Shanxi Province as sample data,the data were tested for reliability,validity test,independent sample test,correlation analysis and regression analysis through statistical analysis.The following conclusions are drawn: During the employment process of college students,three-dimensional capital has a significant impact on the quality of employment,and human capital has the most significant impact.At the level of human capital,the employment quality of college students is significantly affected by their own academic human capital and practical human capital,and the impact of practical human capital is gradually higher than that of academic human capital.At the level of social capital,both pre-social capital and post-social social capital have shown a positive impact on the quality of employment,while the role of pre-social capital has become increasingly prominent.At the level of psychological capital,the four dimensions of self-efficacy,hope,optimism,and resilience all have a significant positive impact on the quality of college students' employment,and the impact of resilience is more significant.At thesame time,among the control variables studied,the level of education will affect the level of employment quality,and other control variables have no significant impact on the quality of employment.Finally,based on the existing conclusions,a rationalization proposal is proposed from the government,school and individual college students.First of all,at the government level,the government should continue to strengthen and improve the relevant employment system,provide a fair employment environment,guide various universities to focus on employment quality indicators,and start with improving the three-dimensional capital level of students.Secondly,at the school level,schools should focus on improving student training paths,provide a richer and broader social practice platform,and especially strengthen the cultivation of students' practical human capital.At the same time,guide students to actively develop social resources and pay attention to maximizing the utility of rational social capital.In addition,pay close attention to the changes of students 'psychological state and cultivate students' ability to cope with setbacks.At the individual level of college students,pay attention to the improvement of their academic qualifications,go out of campus and actively participate in social practice,and strive to improve the level of practical human capital.While expanding social capital,special attention is paid to communication with family members to ensure the stability of the prior resource network.In addition,we should pay attention to the cultivation of our own mental quality,especially the toughness shown in the face of difficulties.The innovation of this article is: from the perspective of three-dimensional capital,it puts forward the influencing factors on the quality of employment.At the same time,it divides social capital into pre-established social capital and post-induced social capital.The data selection is based on a sample of Shanxi university graduates.At the same time,surveys and collection of employment quality data of various colleges and universities,starting from the current situation,carry out theoretical analysis and empirical analysis.The research conclusions have a certain reference effect on the employment guidance of college students.
Keywords/Search Tags:University graduates, human capital, social capital, psychological capital, employment quality
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