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An Experimental Research On The Influence Of Sports Bionic Movement On The Basic Motor Ability Of Children Age 5-6

Posted on:2021-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330623984053Subject:Physical Education
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This article uses the literature method,interview method,experimental method,comparative analysis method,and mathematical statistics method,combined with sports bionic movement teaching method,deeply into the physical education teaching of Beijing Gejing Bilingual Kindergarten,and carries out teaching practice through experiments.Sixty young children aged 5-6 years were the subject of the study.The experiment lasted 12 weeks and consisted of 24 lessons of 45 minutes each.The experimental group adopted the bionic movement teaching method.Taking the children's part in the "National Fitness Measurement Standard" : ten-meter return run,standing jump,two-leg continuous jump,tennis throwing,sitting in front of the body,walking on the balance beam,as an evaluation system,the data of the children before and after the experiment were used SPSS23.0 software is used for statistical analysis to observe the changes of children's basic sports abilities such as walking,running,jumping,and throwing,etc,and to explore the practical effect and influence of sports bionic movements in children's physical education.The promotion of children's basic motor skills and better development of children provide reference basis.Research results:(1)Six basic exercise performance indicators of the experimental group and the control group were analyzed by T test before and after the experiment.The results were as follows: before the experimental intervention,a ten-meter return run(P=0.941),and tennis long throw(P=0.571).Six basic athletic performance indicators P,walking on the balance beam(P=0.903),forward flexion in the seated position(P=0.579),standing long jump(P=0.964),continuous jumping with two feet(P=0.859),P>0.05,no significant difference;After the experimental intervention,ten-meter return run(P=0.000),tennis long throw(P=0.000),balance beam walking(P=0.000),forward flexion in the sitting position(P=0.659),standing long jump(P=0.000),Two feet continuous jump(P=0.000),including five basic athletic performance indexes of ten meters return running,tennis long throw,balance beam walking,standing long jump,and two feet continuous jumping,P<0.05,with significant difference,sitting forward flexion P>0.05,no significant difference.(2)After the experiment,the results of the children in the experimental class and thecontrol class were improved compared with those before the experiment,but the test results of the overall indicators of the experimental class were higher than the control class,and the exercise effect was significant.Research conclusions: Sports bionic movement has played a positive role in the development of children's basic sports ability.It can effectively improve children's basic movement mode of walking,running,jumping and throwing,and meet the needs of children's physical exercise.In terms of the actual effect of the course,the effect of sports bionic action on children's concentration and link control ability is better,which conforms to the law of children's physical and mental development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sports Bionics Course, Children 5-6 years old, basic athletic ability
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