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Research On Psychological Counseling And Countermeasures Of New Employees Case Inteivention

Posted on:2021-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330629988380Subject:Social work
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Today,China's economic system is in a stage of deepening reform.At this time,commercial banks are bearing multiple blows in the development process.One is the threat from market risks,the other is the pressure from institutional supervision,and the third is to withstand the test of the times and social reform Baptism.At the same time,the mental health of the employees of China's commercial banks has also aroused great concern from the society.Nowadays,more and more companies begin to pay attention to the exploration of the psychological problems of new employees.The work of new employees is the background of China's commercial banks.The challenges and difficulties faced by the new generation of forces are different from the past.The identity of the new employee of the current commercial bank needs to actively adjust and change the role based on the job requirements in practice,in fact,to meet the needs of the job.In the process of identity conversion and integration,if the identity conversion cannot be carried out well,the timely recognition and adjustment of own problems will aggravate the occurrence of psychological problems.Therefore,if we do not pay more attention to the psychological problems of newly recruited employees and guide them,it is very likely to cause the psychological problems of newly recruited employees.This article selects new employees of Fuyang branch of H commercial bank were selected as the research objects.Through interviews,scl-90 mental health survey questionnaire and case work,the work and living conditions of new employees of the bank were investigated.The survey results show that the new employees of the bank generally have certain psychological problems,which mainly come from the work position,industry environment,family life,physical and mental health and other aspects.The author combined with the results of the survey and related social work theory,analyze the new recruits psychological problem and found that the lack of new recruits psychological counseling management consciousness and professional technical support,new recruits lack of cognitive and psychological problems such as the lack of social support network,the commercial Banks have hindered the H in newrecruits psychological counseling management effectively.On the basis of this,this paper discusses from the theoretical perspective of social work and the intervention of case work.The intervention of case work can not only effectively guide the psychological problems of new employees,reduce the pressure and hidden dangers faced by new employees due to psychological problems,but also have great influence and significance on promoting the talent training,team construction and long-term healthy development of the enterprise of Fuyang branch of H commercial bank.
Keywords/Search Tags:new employees, Psychological counseling, Case intervention
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