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Study On Psychological Distance Adjustment Of New Employed Employees Involved In Case Work

Posted on:2020-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,China has accelerated the pace of reform and opening up,implemented the new development concept,made rapid economic development and increased the number of employees,the contradiction between supply and demand in the employment market has become increasingly prominent,and the employment situation has become increasingly distressed ? Invisibly,it has created a considerable psychological barrier for new employees to integrate into the enterprise environment,which hinders the effective development of human resources management and the personal growth and development of employees.Under the guidance of cognitive behavior theory and the basic theory of task-center model,based on the psychological distance theory proposed by Liberman and Trop in 1998,this study finds that the research on corporate social work from the perspective of psychological distance is in a preliminary stage in China,and the results of practice are not abundant.From the perspective of psychological distance,taking social work cases as an example,we use questionnaires,interviews,typical case studies,AHP level analysis and other methods to deeply explore the current situation of employment adaptability of new employees,and put forward constructive ideas for the problems of high turnover rate,unclear understanding of the roles of new employees,and high self-expectation in the new era.With the help of Yaahp10.5 software and the talent management experience of Y enterprise,this paper analyzes the beneficial effects of psychological distance factors on new employment employees through the combination of quantitative and qualitative,normative and empirical methods.At the same time,taking the human resource management experience of Y enterprise as an example,this paper explores the weight ratio among the influencing factors of the psychological distance of new employees,so as to accumulate empirical materials for more effective adjustment and balance of the occupational adaptation status of new employees.Accoding to L's casestudy,integrating the theory of psychological distance into the practice of social work,this paper explores the ways to adjust the psychological distance of new employees:social factors can make the new employees have a high degree of social distance in accordance with the working environment by adjusting "remuneration paid,the ability to deal with interpersonal relationships,the self-value experience,the degree of corporate culture matching";time factor can create a more efficient working environment for new employees by adjusting “ average working hours per week,average flexible working hours per week,average overtime hours per week”;space factor can moderately adjust the “ distance between parents,colleagues,leaders,friends and relatives” to let new employees find a sense of belonging.On the one hand,this paper enriches the theoretical achivements of psychological distance and provides practical experience for the technical skills of casework in social work,so as to accumulate experience for enterprises to understand the psychological state and behavior of new employees.On the other hand,this paper helps new employees to relieve the pressure of tension and anxiety,choose better personal development path within limited time,clarify the role orientation,and better plan their lives.At the same time,it provides an empirical analysis plan for improving the efficiency of human resources management and consolidates the foundation of sustainable development of enterprises.
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