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Study On The Layout Optimization Of Rural Settlements In Qing'an County

Posted on:2019-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330542995591Subject:Land Resource Management
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Land is the carrier for the construction of ecological civilization and human life.In China,there are more people and less land,the per capita cultivated land area is only 1/3 of the world average level,and the relationship between human and land is inconsistent.In recent years,the development of high-speed urbanization has resulted in rising demand for land for urban construction in china.At the same time,the rural land uses is concerned by the impact of the country's new rural construction policy.among them,the rural residential construction plays an important role,However,due to the lack of reasonable arrangements,the village planning was hindered and the use of land in rural areas was turbulent.In particular,the unreasonable use of land by rural residents resulted in the waste of land resources,low utilization rates and the widespread existence of“hollow villages”.The problem of rural residential land use has become a research hotspot in food production.Taking Qing'an County as the study area,this paper analyzes the three aspects from temporal and spatial change,suitability evaluation and layout optimization of rural residential areas for providing a theoretical basis for the layout optimization of Qing'an rural settlements.The main findings of this paper are as follows:(1)The characteristics of temporal and spatial changes of rural residential areas in Qing'an County were significant from 1995 to 2015.From the point of view of time,rural residential area increased,among which,the proportion of small residential areas increased greatly,and the proportion of large and medium-sized residential areas rose slowly;from the view of space,rural settlements are concentrated in the central region,rural settlements are sparse in the northern and southern regions,and rural settlements continue to gather in the central city with the degree becoming higher and higher.From the perspective of changes in the center of gravity,the rural residential transfer change is not large,gravity is relatively concentrated,generally from the outside to the inside and outside trends,and it mainly focuses on the development of the fringe zone in the center of Qing'an Town.(2)it can be seen that the maximum impact score of the patch of rural residents in Qing'an County is 52.90,the minimum score is 5.68,and the average score is 15.90.The proportion of residential areas that is greater than the average score is 37.17%,and the proportion of residential areas that is less than the average score is 62.83%;there is an obvious turning point in its distribution,indicating that it is in a normal distribution which by unit weighting method to calculate(3)according to the comprehensive influence of the patch,the residential areas are divided into four categories:central village,grass-roots village,relocation village and scattered village,what is more,the adjustment patterns of rural residential areas in Qing'an County are Priority is given to development,key development,restricted development,and migration and consolidation.Among them,there are 46 priority residential areas for development,with a total area of 1419.62hm~2.There are 183 rural residential areas with a focus on development,with a total area of 2,993.35hm~2.There are 453 rural residential areas with restricted development,with a total area of 3796.64hm~2.There are 764 rural settlements with a total area of 1282.00 hm~2.(4)By the improved WVD-EBP model and two step search method to optimize Qing'an County Rural residential spatial layout,the results is that the total number of rural residential sites has decreased by 764,from 1457 to 693.The reduction of 52.43%,the rural residential area decreased by 1282.00hm~2,from the original total area of 9591.37hm~2 to 8309.37hm~2,a decrease of13.51%,the per capita residential area in rural areas decreased from 330.75m~2 to 286.53m~2.After using the WVD-EBP model to determine the direction of migration,a two-step mobile search method was used to determine the first migration of rural settlements,the number of rural settlements for migration was237,the reduction area was 373.78 hm~2,the second migration of rural settlements The number is 527 and the total area is 908.22hm~2.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural settlements, layout optimization, WVD-EBP model, Two-setp mobile search
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