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The Research Mechanism Of Knowledge Sharing Among The Strategic Alliance Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In Science And Technology

Posted on:2019-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of knowledge economy,the new economic era dominated by knowledge resources has brought new economic growth points to the organization,but at the same time,it also poses a higher challenge to the organization.It is a major difficult problem for the organization to constantly improve the level of technology,speed up the updating of knowledge and increase the resources needed for organization development.When the organization can't solve the problems faced by the development because of its internal strength,inter organizational cooperation has become the mainstream of the times,and the form of strategic alliance arises at the historic moment.For developing small and medium-sized enterprises,there are inherent defects in their initial investment,technological R & D and knowledge competitiveness.Strategic alliance is undoubtedly the best way to solve the development problems for technology SMEs.Through organizing strategic alliances,organizations can acquire their respective resources in the form of knowledge sharing,thereby enhancing their own knowledge sharing effect,gaining organizational competitive advantage and promoting the rapid development of alliance.From the existing research,a strategic alliance between the factor of knowledge sharing and knowledge sharing between members of the alliance between theoretical and empirical research results are rare,this paper based on the above research background,combined with the development of small and medium-sized enterprises own defects,in order to study the mechanism of knowledge sharing in small and medium sized enterprises strategic alliance as the research subject of strategy alliance between the factor of knowledge sharing and knowledge alliance theory and empirical research on the relationship between the effect of sharing.Based on the analysis of reading on the basis of the existing literature,first on the concept of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises,strategic alliance,knowledge and knowledge sharing is redefined and classified;secondly,using the synergy theory,knowledge gap theory of strategic alliance between the motivation of knowledge sharing in theory,and analyzes the small and medium-sized enterprise strategy alliance knowledge sharing dynamic evolution process by using evolutionary game method,confirms the rationality and profitability of organizations to join the strategic alliance of knowledge sharing;thirdly,the science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise strategy alliance between the factor of knowledge sharing and alliance knowledge sharing effect of empirical research,the characteristics of knowledge sharing factors,capacity factors the organization main factors,organizational knowledge and organizational environment factors as the impact of Strategic Alliance for Inter Organizational Knowledge Sharing Element,and the factors of measurement index and the effect of knowledge sharing between theoretical assumptions,using SPSS19.0 and Amos21.0 statistical analysis and processing software for analysis of 151 copies of the data from the questionnaires,according to the calculation result of the hypothesis is verified and analyzed;finally,according to the research results of small and medium-sized enterprises strategic alliance to enhance the effect of knowledge sharing puts forward reasonable countermeasures and suggestions,in order to provide a reference for the related research fields.
Keywords/Search Tags:medium and small enterprises of science and technology, strategic alliance, knowledge sharing, effect of knowledge sharing
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